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My baby sitter: I am thankful for my baby sitter, Drew, because she helps me with my homework. I also am thankful for Drew because she packs my swim bag and takes me to swim. 

Izabella Aviles

Grade 2, Benjamin

Feeling blessed: I am very thankful for all my friends and family and the great school I get to go to. God has blessed me with very many things that I can praise him for.

Joli Duquenne

Grade 4, Calvary

Little sister: I'm happy because I have a little sister to play with, and she is so little and that's what makes it fun. I like my sister.

Elder Lopez

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

People, places and pets: I am thankful for having five pets and family that loves me. I am so lucky to go on so many vacations to Florida and the Dominican Republic. I also am thankful for such nice teachers and friends.

Kate Stolfa

Grade 3, Epiphany

Sister Riley: I can't believe I have a baby sister and her name is Riley. She always smiles when I say something nice to her. She always plays with some toys. I hop I have another baby like Riley.

Ryan Johnson

Grade 2, Fairview

Family and God: I am thankful for my family and God. I am thankful for my family because they are the best anyone can ask for. God helps me every day with anything.

Lindi Rardin

Grade 4, Fairview

Great-grandma: I am thankful for my great-grandma because she gives cookies. Also, she gives hugs. She is fun.

Parker Smith

Grade 1, Grove

Fun things together: I appreciate my family because we do lots of fun things together. My friends are super important to me. I thank my friends for being nice to me every time I see them.

Julianne Landstrom

Grade 2, Grove

Good to have friends: I am thankful for friends. The world would be a lonely place without friends. Not good!

Nate Roberts

Grade 3, Grove

Great life: I am thankful for all the blessings and people in my life. I have a great life. I have my mom, my dad, my mimi and my papa and my cousins.

Lucas Bartels

Grade 2, Heyworth

God's the best: I am thankful for God. God helps people out. God is always there. God is the best!

Jacob Gant

Grade 4, High Road

Puzzle fan: I am thankful for puzzles. Puzzles are a challenge. I like to glue the puzzles and hang them on the wall.

Alex Brown

Grade 5, High Road

A clean desk: I'm thankful for being in school. I am thankful for having a lot of friends. I'm also thankful for my desk to be clean.

Gibson White

Grade 2, Hoose

Family and summer: I am thankful for my family because they love me. I am also thankful for summer because without summer I would not have a time to play outside for three months straight.

Addison Giosta

Grade 3, Hoose

Cuddling with mom: I am thankful for my mom because I cuddle with my mom. She makes popcorn in the microwave and then we watch goofy movies together.

Loaghan Damron

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Nursing home care: I'm thankful for my family and nursing homes. I thank my family because they provide food for me. Also I am thankful for the nursing homes for letting the older people come. I love that people care for others, and I hope people always do this.

Hope Steffen

Grade 3, Lowpoint-Washburn

Veterans' service: I'm thankful for the veterans. They saved our country.

Aidan Gasparini

Grade 2, New Holland-Middletown 

Safe, fun with family: I'm thankful for my family because they take care of me. My parents keep me safe, and my brother plays with me all day after school.

Sam Smith

Grade 2, Northpoint

Cuddly dog: I am thankful for my dog Wilson. Wilson is so soft and cuddly. Wilson always comes up to my bed and cuddles with me. He also plays with me all day long.

Caroline Engle

Grade 3, Northpoint

Family provides: I am thankful to have a roof over my head when the weather is bad and for food that keeps me healthy. Also I am thankful for a Bible and my family that provides all.

Molly Jones

Grade 5, Northpoint

Parents help me: I'm thankful for Mom and Dad because they help me and my sister and brother get ready for school, and sometimes we go to the store and get candy.

Sariyah Silas

Grade 3, Northwest 

Playful cousin: I am thankful for my cousin, Phoebe. She plays with me and my fish. She makes slime with Eva and Vy and me. We play Snapchat.

Vienna Quach

Grade 2, Oakdale

Family and school: I am thankful for my mom and dad. I am thankful for my relatives. I am thankful for school.

Addilece Snyder

Grade 3, Oakdale

Family activities: I am thankful for when we go swimming. I am thankful for family pictures. I am thankful when we watch movies together.

Morgan Crowell

Grade 1, Olympia South

For everything: I am thankful for my family, my friends, my food, my Wii U and my tablet. And I am thankful for everything!

Kyley Mann

Grade 5, Parkside

Pepper Ridge: I am thankful for my mom and Pepper Ridge because without my mom, I wouldn't even be here right now. I am also thankful for Pepper Ridge because on my first day of school, I was welcomed right away.

Zariyah Banks

Grade 4, Pepper Ridge

Bike tricks: I'm thankful for my bike because I can do tricks on it. One of them is riding with one hand. Another is jumping off a ramp.

Ethan Carrion

Grade 2, Prairie Central

Favorite sport: Football is my favorite sport, and I'm thankful I can play it. It is fun because you can score touchdowns.

Ryland French

Grade 1, Prairieland

Best brother hugs: I'm thankful for my baby brother. His name is Desmond. He gives the best hugs on the planet! I also love to play with him! Best of all … he made me a big brother!

Logan Moran

Grade 2, Prairieland

Family of five: I'm so thankful for my family. Every day they bring a smile to my face. One day without my family would be a total disaster. My family is a family of five.

Payton Harmon

Grade 3, Prairieland

Something you can't see: What I am thankful for is something you can't see or touch. It's something you can feel: Love. I love all the wonderful people in my life: my mom, dad, sister and many more.

Rhyan Harden

Grade 4, Prairieland

Love to have friends: I love to have friends because they are there when you need them. Like, for example, what if you're having an atrocious day? Friends can turn that frown upside down faster than a cheetah can say "noodles."

Elias Fulkerson

Grade 5, Prairieland

Pets, family, friends: I'm thankful for my pets, family, friends, school, food and nature. The reason I'm thankful for these is because I love my pets and my family. Without my school, I could not learn; without food and drinks, we would be dead; and nature is a beautiful sight and something we should preserve.

Riley Cook

Grade 3, St. Mary's

Cancer survivor: I am thankful for many things but one of the things that make make me really happy is my grandma. She is a cancer survivor and I'm glad God saved her. She makes me happy when I'm sad, and I love her until the sun blows up and even longer than that.

Molly Bordewick

Grade 4, St. Mary's 

Grandmother's care: I am thankful for my grandmother. If I did not have her, I don't know what life would be. She cooks for me. She cares for me.

Kasey Contreras

Grade 5, St. Mary's

Water, food, clothes: Life is hard sometimes. You just need to remember what you are thankful for. I am thankful for water, food, and clothes.

Sophia Nelson

Grade 2, Schneider

What I do: I am thankful for taking good care of my baby brother and my cat. I am thankful for making eggs, omelettes and pancakes. I am thankful for picking up my room and picking up garbage that's not mine.

Paige Prochnow Streeter

Grade 3, Sheridan

Cute but reckless: I am thankful for my dog. He is cute but reckless. I just want to squeeze his face. My dog is a puppy, but he is big!

Ryn Slaw

Grade 2, Stevenson

Universe events: I'm thankful for many things. I am thankful for the universe and the order the events in it took place.

Adhrut Kulkarni

Grade 3, Stevenson

Cute baby cousin: I am thankful for my cousin, baby Brooklyn. I love her. She is cute.

Khloe Cunningham

Grade 1, Sugar Creek

Family always there: Everyone should be thankful for their friends and family. It's what I'm thankful for. Family will always be at home with you every time you feel down in the dumps or mad.

Dylan Nzalo

Grade 5, Sugar Creek

Excel in the future: I'm thankful for my school, Towanda Elementary. My teacher teaches me so I can excel in the future.

Dhanya Kodavanti

Grade 3, Towanda

Warm bed: I am thankful that I have money for food and clothing. I am also thankful for a warm bed and a roof over my head. My friends, family and dog Shelby play a big role in my life as well.

Ania Gwarda

Grade 5, Towanda

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