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Never want to leave: I like school so much, I never want to leave. I love my teacher because we get to do writing. Writing is the best because it is really relaxing when you write. I also like when Mrs. Kraft reads us books. She helps us learn more than we knew in first grade.

Milly Henderson

Grade 2, Benjamin

Best classmates: What I like best about school is all of my classmates and teachers. I also like the way they teach. I also really like all the classrooms.

Sidney Jackson

Grade 4, Calvary Christian

Comics are best: What I like about school is reading workshop. I like it because we sometimes get to read comics, and I love to read comics. We get to pick our own books.

Bellamy Bray

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Teacher is here to help: What I like about school is my teacher. She's really nice, and she also pushes us, not in a mean way but to try to make us learn. If she didn't, could you imagine what school would be like? She always says, "I'm not here to be your friend. I'm here to help you learn." 

Kaydence Cole

Grade 5, Cedar Ridge

Off to great start: I love the start of third grade! Mrs. Ellison is amazing! But what I like about school is all my friends and my teacher. My teacher is really funny, and my student teacher is, too! I also love reading. The books are amazing in this classroom.

Selena Alsaqri

Grade 3, Colene Hoose

Advanced math: My favorite class so far is math. It is my favorite because third grade is the first year I get a challenge in math and because the math is more advanced, and we do math more often.

John O'Connell

Grade 3, Epiphany

Lots of fun: My favorite thing about school is having all the fun.

Kaden Glass

Grade 1, Fairview

Fun and games: I like math because whenever we do math we play games, and I love that about math. I love lunch and recess. It is fun. I like PE because you get a lot of exercise. I like music because you can learn how to sing.

Brianna Ngeno

Grade 2, Fairview

Much to like: There are many things I like about school. I like to play soccer at recess. At soccer my teammates help me score. I also like gym. In gym we play awesome games. 

Zachary Borne

Grade 2, Grove

Mom teaches: What I like about school is that my mom is my teacher.

Keziah Welch

Kindergarten, home school

Reading is fun: My favorite part of school is reading because it is quiet. I like fiction. I like race car books.

Caeden Ortega

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Numbers, paint on paper: At school I like math and art. In math we put numbers together on our paper. We can paint on paper for art. School is fun!

Mackenna Strauch

Grade 1, Lowpoint-Washburn 

Pumped about school: Hallelujah! It is the third week of school, and I am pumped! On the first day of school we popped balloons with notes about ourselves. I had a great day at school. My favorite thing about it is learning about my teacher and math.

Elizabeth Damerell

Grade 3, Lowpoint-Washburn

Friends and reading: I like school because I can talk to my friends at recess and lunch. I also like school because I love reading. This is why I like school.

Zach Rudin

Grade 3, Northpoint

Swinging is fun: I like to play on the swings at school. I can swing really high. Swinging makes me feel better.

Claudia James

Grade 4, Northpoint

Choosing toys: What I like about school is checkout. I get to play with toys I choose.

Sadie Black

Grade 5, Northpoint

Math is best: The best thing about school is math because it is fun and helps you learn. It's good for your brain and you, too. You should love math. It is awesome. It is my favorite.

Eunice Khonde

Grade 2, Oakdale

Learning manners: I like my school because it is fun and I learn good manners. I love to see my friends and teacher every day in my classroom.

Arya Khot

Grade 1, Oakland

Several subjects: I love school because you can learn math and science. You can go to art, music and PE. Also you can play with my friends on the playground.

Charlee Beitzel

Grade 2, Oakland

In the book: I love reading because it feels like you are in the book. When reading time is over, it is like you never want to forget the book and you are loving the book.

Caliana Lee

Grade 4, Pepper Ridge

Best thing: School is the best thing in my entire life! I like the monarch caterpillars.

Hawken Bragg

Grade 1, Prairieland

Best classroom: What I like about school is my classroom because of my teacher. I also like PE and music. I like math and social studies.

Mahkah Phifer 

Grade 3, Sheridan

Lots to love: I love school because if we do something good we get to do fun stuff! I really love science because you can learn about animals and fish. We do stamina chart. We do homework, and I love my teacher, Mrs. Stanley.

Delilah Yepez

Grade 2, Stevenson

Activities are fun: I like to swing and climb the rock wall. I like to slide down the pole. I like my teacher.

Sam Jennings

Grade 1, Sugar Creek

Lots to do: I like school because we get to do so many activities. My favorite is drawing and writing. We get to write on our dry erase board; we draw pictures; we do math and science. We do word sorting and read so many story books. 

Sharveshkumar Sathishkumar

Grade 2, Benjamin

Lots to like: What I like about school is our spelling. Spelling is also my favorite subject. I also love reading. I like the camping theme in our classroom. Just saying, the food is delicious.

Mimi Wilks

Grade 4, Calvary Christian

Loves learning: I like school because I learn and learn how to read and do writing. I learn science and math. I like math because I like adding. I like reading because reading is fun, and it can be funny and you can learn.

Adiba Rustamova

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Creative things: What I like about school is art and music. I like art because I like doing creative things like painting and making stuff. I like music because I love to listen to music and sing and dance.

Jenna Casey

Grade 5, Cedar Ridge

Learning about the Bible: I like religion because we get to learn about the Bible and Jesus. One of my favorite stories in the Bible is Jonah and the whale. I love Jesus' miracles.

Lauren Graham

Grade 3, Epiphany

Favorite things: My favorite things about school are recess and learning.

Sofia Medina

Grade 1, Fairview

School is fun: I like going to school because it is really fun. The teacher is nice. I like to go to school to learn, play and play with friends. Most of all, school is fun.

Rayna Radhakrishnan

Grade 2, Fairview

Many things: I like to do art because it is fun. I love to make new friends, too. I like to listen to Mr. Myers play his piano. I love to read books. I like to go to the playground and do the monkey bars. Another thing I like is math. 

Vivienne Buonassi

Grade 2, Grove

My own locker: In second grade, I like my locker because I have my own. It can fit everything in there that you can imagine.

Amelia Stroh

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Time for school: School days are cool days. RING! — time for school. I like school because I get to play with my friends. Math is my favorite subject because I get to work with my friends. Science is fun because I get to make cool things.

Carly Ulrich

Grade 3, Lowpoint-Washburn

Tag with friends: I like to play tag with my friends.

Carley Johnson

Grade 3, Northpoint

Drawing trains: I love art. Drawing trains with permanent markers is my favorite.

Landon Eads

Grade 4, Northpoint

Dinosaur fun: I like playing with Lego dinosaurs at school.

Ashton Fort

Grade 5, Northpoint

Art is best: The best thing about school is art. It is so fun, and it is relaxing. You can choose markers, crayons, pencil and pen. Sometimes you use glue. Art takes time. Art is quiet. 

Umayer Ahmmed

Grade 2, Oakdale

Budding artist: What is fun about school is PE, art and music. My favorite is art because I want to learn how to be an artist some day. I feel that school is a careful and loving place for all.

Kylie Stubbs

Grade 4, Pepper Ridge

Fun times: School is fun! I like to read books and make art.

Evie Nauman

Grade 1, Prairieland

Lots of fun: I like music and PE. They are fun. I like math and social studies. I like to read.

Byron Merriweather

Grade 3, Sheridan

School is cool: I like school because it is fun. I like school because we get to have snacks. I like to do math. I like to read at school. School is cool. I like to play with my friend at school.

Stella Bantham

Grade 2, Stevenson

Munching lunch: I like lunch time very much. I like hot lunch. Corn dogs are my favorite.

Joslyn Morrison

Grade 1, Sugar Creek

Friends are best: I was happy going back to school because I get to see my friends. I started third grade. I like my teacher, Ms. Mroz. I also like recess because I play with my friends. Oh yeah, I get to learn, too.

Victoria Bamirez

Grade 3, Sheridan

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