Flying Horse 11/24/19: What I'm thankful for

Flying Horse 11/24/19: What I'm thankful for


Seeing the team: I am thankful for seeing the Harlem Globetrotters for the first time ever. When I was there my dad bought me a wristband, headband, jersey and cotton candy. I felt awesome. They even played against the Washington Generals, and they won.

Evan Ellis

Grade 2, Benjamin

Helpers: I am thankful for my family and my school. The reason I am thankful for these things is because they both help me out with my life.

Anthony Muvillo

Grade 4, Bent

Best family: I am thankful for my family, my pets and God and much more. My family is the best.

Finley Jackson

Grade 3, Calvary

Thankful for much: I am thankful for my family and friends. I am also thankful for my Lego creations. I am thankful for my bed. I'm thankful for my brain of awesomeness. I have many things to be thankful for.

Aidan McCree

Grade 4, Calvary

Protector: I am thankful for my dog. She is so awesome. Bella is overprotective. One day I was sitting on the stairs, and she heard the doorbell ring. Then she got in front of me, barking. I am also thankful for my family and friends.

Caitie Jenkins

Grade 5, Calvary

Went anyway: I am very thankful because on the day of Halloween when snow fell, I thought we were not going trick-or-treating. But later my mom took us out to trick-or-treat. We got lots of candy.

Ariel Vargas

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Love me: I am thankful for my dog, family, brother and little sister because they give me love and keep me safe.

Brooke Elger

Grade 2, Corpus Christi

Best teachers: I am thankful for my teachers Mrs. Rettig, Mrs. McClure, Mrs. Swanson and Mrs. Hester. They are good at what they do. I learn so much from them. They are nice, kind and fair. I have never had teachers like them.

Lauren Graham

Grade 4, Corpus Christi

Energy: I am thankful for internet and for food because it gives you energy.

Will Hannel

Grade 1, Epiphany

New brother: I am thankful for my brother. We adopted him in Nevada, and now we are back in our home state. It was very fun at court. My brother is 13 years old. When we had not adopted him, I was an only child, and now I have a brother.

Marlena Mayvese

Grade 3, Epiphany

Nice family: I am glad that I have a family. My family is always nice to me. They always let me help them cook. My mom and dad let me go to Walmart to get chips. My grandpa takes me hunting when he feels like it. I get excited when he says "yes."

D'Andre King

Grade 2, Fairview

Thanksgiving: On Thanksgiving I go to my grandma's house. I saw my grandpa cut his tree. My favorite food is chicken. I do not like mashed potatoes.

Miles Smith

Grade 1, Fieldcrest

Thankful: I am thankful for my family and friends.

Lylah Koller

Grade 2, Fox Creek

Chess is fun: I am thankful for my chess club because I like to play chess. I beat my mom at chess. My dad beat me.

Shrihan Ayyalasamy

Grade 1, Glenn

Many things: I am thankful for my parents. They are nice and take care of me. I'm grateful for my brother and my dog because they play with me. I appreciate food and water. They help us stay alive. I'm grateful for fruits and vegetables. They are good and keep us healthy.

Addy Brewer

Grade 2, Grove

Grandparents: I am thankful for my grandpa, mom, dad and so much more. I am mostly thankful for my grandpa because he is in heaven. My grandma always cries when somebody talks about him. (Don't tell her, but she's the best grandma ever!)

Bianca Crow

Grade 2, Heyworth

Home, not hay barn: I am thankful for my mom and dad and big brother, G.T., and for my house. If I didn't have a home, I would sleep in a hay barn. I am thankful for my chickens because they lay eggs for me. I'm also thankful for the earth we live on.

Graden Duckworth

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Farmers: I am thankful for farmers because without them we would starve to death. Farming is so important to us. I like farm vehicles like combines and tractors. I like living in an array of farms.

Grayson Leake

Grade 3, Lexington

Helper: I am thankful for having jobs. Having jobs is special to me because I help my mom. I like to help my mom do dishes. I like jobs.

Archer Porter

Grade 1, Lowpoint-Washburn

Toys, school: I am thankful for my toys and dirt bike. I am also thankful for having school so I am not bored at home. I can also play with my friends, learn and have lunch. I like having P.E., too. I am thankful for living in America. 

Matthew Hattan

Grade 3, Lowpoint-Washburn

Needs met: I am thankful for my family, friends, food and shelter.

Natalie Hayes

Grade 2, Northpoint

Friend: I am thankful for my friend, Alexis. We like to play with toys. We also play video games. Alexis is very funny.

Haleigh Beard

Grade 3, Northpoint

Most of the time: I am thankful for lots of things including my family, bed, food, toys, house, teacher and much more. Being thankful makes me feel good. I am thankful most of the time. When I'm mad it's hard to be thankful. When I am done being mad, I go back to being thankful.

Brendan Hall

Grade 4, Northpoint

Neverending: I'm thankful for my family. // I'm thankful for my friends. // I'm thankful for the things I have, //  the things that never end.

Anam Kulsoom

Grade 5, Northpoint

Learning: I am thankful for learning and my family and for food. I am thankful for my home and school. My family is nice. I like learning. I like reading, and I am a good reader.

Za'niyah Robinson

Grade 2, Oakdale

Loving family: I am thankful for the best family. My mom and dad are nice. I have lots of pets as well as a sister, Mariana, and brother, Santiago. We go places together. Sometimes we visit Chicago. I am blessed to have a loving and supportive group of relatives.

Camila Sotelo

Grade 3, Oakland

Rain: I am thankful for rain to help the plants.

Rowan Sanford

Grade 1, Olympia South

Not lonely: I am thankful for my friends because if I had no friends, I wouldn't have anyone to talk to at school or on the bus. I would be lonely.

Asher Smith

Grade 4, Pepper Ridge

With others: I am thankful for playing Monopoly Jr. Cat and Dog with my mom and dad. I am thankful that I get to eat peanut butter on waffles with my mom. I am thankful for friends who like to play with slime.

Ethan Lloyd

Grade 2, Prairieland

Being cared for: I'm thankful for my family that feeds me. I am thankful for my house that gives me shelter. I'm thankful for the food I eat. I am thankful for my toys because they keep me entertained. I'm thankful for my pets because they also keep me entertained.

Elyot White

Grade 3, Prairieland

Spiders: I am thankful for spiders because without them bugs would most likely take over the entire planet. We would suffer for food if that happened. The earth's water would probably be covered in dead bugs, and no one could drink clean water. So we would probably die.

Logan Moran

Grade 4, Prairieland

Technology: Technology is what I am thankful for. Cars make our lives easier every day by helping us get places faster. Planes help us by doing the same thing. Without the advanced medical technology we have today, the world would be a completely different and very bad place.

Keegan Grosse

Grade 5, Prairieland

Grandpa: I am thankful for my grandpa. I call him Boppi. He is very fun to spend time with. I like watching "Lone Ranger" and "Gunsmoke" with him. Also, his hair smells very good.

Loella Aurora

Grade 5, St. Mary's

Holidays: I'm thankful for Valentine's Day, Christmas and Easter. I am thankful for having friends. I'm thankful for the time of year I love, fall.

Athena Sanford

Grade 3, Sheridan

Learning things: I am thankful for my teacher because she gives us homework. Our class learns about stuff. I am thankful for my family because I love them. I am thankful for my friends because they are nice to me.

Trey'von Harris

Grade 2, Stevenson

Basketball: I am thankful for knowing how to play basketball and for my mom, dad and coach.

Dalemontae McAllum

Grade 4, Stevenson

Class pet: I am thankful for guinea pigs. My class has a guinea pig named Yadi.

Kimara Locker

Grade 1, Sugar Creek

I'm thankful for family, friends, food and books. Most of all I am thankful for books because when I am bored, I can just pick up a book and read. And the best part is reading.

Addison Irwin

Grade 3, Washington

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