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Comfort time: Watching a movie under the blanket with my dog snuggled beside me makes me happy. Spending time with my family also makes me happy. Finally, lying down reading a book makes me happy.

Lydia Springer

Grade 5, Sugar Creek

School joy: What makes me happy is school. It is fun. The most happy part is the teachers. They are nice.

BreeAnn Barr

Grade 2, Stevenson

Loving life: What makes me happy is my life. My life makes me happy because of the people that love me and care about me. Another reason is that I get to go visit my family sometimes. For example, I get to visit my aunt and cousins in Michigan.

Carlie Polk

Grade 3, Sheridan

Universal rides: "Whoa! That was the best ride ever!" Universal Studios Orlando has the most terrific rides in the world. The big rides are the most outstanding. The Hulk and the Hollywood Rip Ride Rocket are the best. They are huge monster rides.

Johnnie Behrends

Grade 5, Prairieland

Horse riding: Horses make me happy because I get to ride them. Horses make me smile a lot when I ride because they're lots of fun. Riding horses lets me get outside into nature.

Kellyn Tarnowski

Grade 1, Prairieland 

Cute kitty: My cat makes me happy because he is cute. He is a black kitten, and he's short.

Ezekiel French

Grade 2, Prairie Central

Family fun: Sometimes my sister Izzy and I like to build forts upstairs and in our room, and that makes me really, really happy. When we go to a restaurant with my whole seven-person family it makes me happy that we stick together.

Addy Koehler

Grade 2, Parkside

Togetherness: It makes me happy when my friends play with me. It makes me happy when my family is around me. It makes me happy when I have a party at the pool. It makes me happy when I go on vacation with my family.

Kenley West

Grade 1, Olympia South

Crazy drawing: Drawing makes me happy because sometimes I draw crazy things. Once I drew a rainbow with a face. My friend once doodled a caterpillar with teeth, a top hat and kooky eyes to cheer me up when I was sad.

Alyssa Beitzel

Grade 3, Oakland

Love to play: Something that makes me happy is playing. I love to play so much. It is so much fun.

Ellen Taylor

Grade 2, Oakdale

Greetings: What makes me happy is when I come home from school and my dog and my mom are always there to greet me. I love to know that they are okay and safe.

Keegan Lee

Grade 5, Northpoint

Happy times: What makes me happy is when I go bowling. My dog also makes me happy. My parents make me happy when they get me presents. My friends make me happy when they play with me.

Kyle Hoffert

Grade 4, New Holland-Middletown

People and dogs: I am happy that I have a family. I love playing games with my dad and my two sisters. The game we play is Monopoly. I have five dogs and four people. I love my family.

Keaton Barth

Grade 3, Lowpoint-Washburn

Greatest dog: My dog Beau makes me happy because he is so sweet and a little rough, but he is going to be a big dog. I got Beau for my birthday for an early gift. He is my favorite dog in the entire world.

Sydney Davis

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Sports and friends: I am happy when I play with my friends. I like to play soccer with them. We also play baseball together.

Kanden Esposito

Grade 2, Heyworth

Fresh air: It makes me happy when I get to go outside and play. It is fun to play outside. You can play games, swing and go down slides. When you go outside you get fresh air, which is good. Playing outside is fun. I love outdoors.

Harini Hariharan

Grade 1, Grove

Often happy: I'm happy when I play outside. I'm happy when I'm with my mom and dad. I'm happy when I play with my cats. I'm happy when I play with my sisters. I'm happy when when I play with Legos. 

Leah Armes

Grade 1, Fieldcrest Primary

Happy family: My family make me happy, also my sister and brother. My friends make me smile. And I love meeting new teachers.

Keyanna Green

Grade 3, Fairview

Cute barks: What makes me happy is puppies. Their barks are the cutest. I am really lucky because I have one at home. He's a Boston terrier. His name is Hutch.

Nora Kelley

Grade 2, Corpus Christi

Birthday party: What makes me happy is when my parents come and say, "Jazmin, you were kind with your sister; you are going to have your birthday party!" I get so excited and happy.

Jazmin Ventura

Grade 3, Cedar Ridge

Vacation fun: Vacations make me very happy. I like vacations because you can see all the great things around the world. I also like going on vacations because you get to have some fun, and I love fun!

Allen Varghese

Grade 3, Benjamin

Football fun: Something that makes me happy is football. I am on the Tiger team. I like being a running back.

Jaxson Hall

Grade 1, Sugar Creek

Super happy: Playing Super Mario Bros. makes me happy. Whenever I play it, a huge grin starts spreading across my face. And whenever I die in it, I always go, "NO!" I was on level 3. Whenever I try again I go farther and then I die, and start all over again. Someday I will finish that game and be super happy.

Jack Woods

Grade 3, Prairieland

Movie magic: My family makes me happy. I like movie nights and eating popcorn. My favorite is "The Incredibles."

Keaton North

Grade 2, Prairieland

Count on it: What makes me happy is my family and friends. They make me happy because you can always count on them to help you when you need help and to play with you when you have nobody to play with.

Rakia Duvendack

Grade 5, Parkside

Buying stuff: Money makes me happy. I like to spend it on junk I don't need. I bought a pencil for $1. I like to buy Warheads and Skittles, too.

Alex Sizemore

Grade 5, High Road

Happy times: When I get to eat outside that is what makes me happy, and when I get an A+ or a 4 on my tests. Something else that makes me happy is when I meet a new friend. The last thing that makes me happy is when I learn something new with my friends.

Srija Tummala

Grade 2, Benjamin

Lego love: I am easily pleased. There are many things that make me happy. However, the things that makes me happiest are Technics. Lego Technics, to be exact. They are fun to build, and their finished products are very fun.

Adhrut Kulkarni

Grade 3, Stevenson