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Flying Horse for the week of May 15, 2011:

Dad’s chores

I take out the trash and sometimes get the mail and make my bed. I decided to ask my dad what his chores are. He said they are walking the dog, working to get money, and taking care of me and my brothers when my mom isn’t home.

Matthew Steers, Grade 2, Benjamin Elementary

Sometimes fun

Sometimes chores can be fun. I know cleaning your room is not much fun, but it needs to be done. Sometimes I’ll listen to music and even dance around while cleaning. Then it gets even more messy.

Sadie Cole, Grade 4, Calvary Christian Academy

Weeding for money

I like chores because they are fun. I have to pick dandelions to earn money. I usually take out the trash. I do a lot of work.

Kason Yamada, Grade 1, Cedar Ridge

Clean the house

When I do chores I clean my whole house so my family can be happy. I will do laundry for my family too. I recycle – that is my chore to do.

Caitlin Snyder, Grade 2, Cedar Ridge


My chore is garbage. I hope you don’t have to take out the garbage. I feel bad for you if the garbage is smelly.

Makenzie Blanbeckter, Grade 2, Chenoa Elementary

Cleaning the porch

My favorite chore to do is cleaning the porch in the back yard. I like cleaning it because I have a fun time doing it. That’s my story of chores.

Danielle Litwiller, Grade 5, Christian Life Academy

Help my mom

My chores are doing the laundry and help my mom. I also have to clean the bathroom. My favorite chores are making my bed and brushing my teeth.

Amelia Keech, Grade 1, Fairview Elementary

Love chores

When I was little I saw my big brother do his chores. My brother is 19 now and he still has to do chores. He’s in college. Anyway, I love chores.

Jaden Johnson, Grade 3, Fairview Elementary


When I clean my room, sometimes I get $1. I dust the living room. Sometimes I do the dishes. I feed my dog Tally.

Ella Goodrich, Grade 1, Fieldcrest Elementary

Vacuum rooms

Chores are good. I like to vacuum rooms. My favorite chore is cleaning my room.

Xavier Mancias, Grade 3, Glenn Elementary

Taking out trash

One of the chores I have is to take out the trash. It’s really hard because the trash can is bigger than me.

Tanvi Shegaonkar, Grade 2, Grove Elementary

Made for work

Chores are fun. God made us for work. It feels good to serve. My chores are folding laundry, washing dishes, making my bed, opening blinds, emptying the dishwasher and cleaning my room.

Blake Avery, Grade 1, home schooled

Making my bed

A chore I have to do is making my bed. I have to make my bed almost every day. Sometimes I make my bed very nicely. Other times I make it very sloppy. It is not fun making my bed.

Maisy Miller, Grade 2, Hudson Elementary


The whole reason we have chores is to test our responsibility. Some kids hate chores, but I love chores so much that sometimes I can’t wait to do them.

Aisha Adams, Grade 2, Irving Elementary

Sometimes fun

Some chores are big and some are small. Some chores are icky and some are nice. That’s why chores are really fun to do sometimes.

Johna Johnson, Grade 4, Irving Elementary

On the farm

I help out on the farm with the piglets. I help with the sows too. I also check on the pigs a lot. I just like to help out.

Christian Dohlemann, Grade 1, Jefferson Park


I like chores because sometimes you get an allowance. Not only kids but adults also have chores. Their chores are to not litter and keep us safe.

Isabelle Kostelnick, Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Parents need help!

I am not a tremendous fan of chores, but hey! Our parents can’t run the whole house by themselves! I do like feeding my rabbit and taking my dog out.

Georgia Merkle, Grade 4, Northpoint Elementary

Very important

Doing chores is a very important job. They are jobs you do at home, liking cleaning your room. If you don’t do chores your house gets filled with nasty stuff.

David Allen, Grade 5, Oakdale Elementary

Mow the lawn

I like chores because you don’t have to do homework, which is cool. I like chores because when I mow the lawn I get money.

Alex Willey, Grade 1, Prairieland Elementary

For a puppy

I want to do chores so I can buy a puppy. I am going to be helping my mom or dad do dishes, scoop the litter box, put my things where they belong, and help mom fold clothes.

Serena McGee, Grade 2, Prairieland Elementary

Family chores

My parents have their own chores, too. My mom does the laundry, and mine too. My dad mows the lawn, so it looks pretty.

Mackenzie Tullier, Grade 5, Prairieland Elementary

Doing the dishes

My chore is doing the dishes. I like doing the dishes because you get to help people.

Alyssa Zvonar, Grade 2, St. Mary’s, Bloomington

No chores

I am so glad that I don’t have to do chores, because I would not get to go outside and play with my sister.

Grace Meiner, Grade 4, St. Mary’s, Pontiac

Yard work

I like doing chores. My favorite chore is yard work. My second favorite is cleaning up my room. I love chores.

Joshua Peterson, Grade 1, Sugar Creek

My chores

I clean the house. I clean my room. I put my clothes away.

Madison McCraw, Grade 2, Sugar Creek

Walk the dog

I walk my dog for a chore. It is fun in summer, but not fun in the winter.

Zoe Hamann, Grade 3, Sugar Creek

Chores can help

Some kids say that chores are a waste of time, but they will help you when you are older! Like making your bed in the morning. Who will do it when you are older? No one! Who will fix your breakfast. No one!

Katrina Phillips, Grade 2, Towanda Elementary

Dishes and math

I like to do chores. I do laundry. I do math.

Trevor Scott, Grade 1, Tri-Valley Elementary

My job

I have a job. My job is to feed my fish. I know people who have jobs. One job is being a firefighter.

Oliver McManus, Grade 2, Tri-Valley Elementary

My opinion

First I have to clean my room almost every week, then after that I have to take a shower. Before I go to bed I have to go to the bathroom to brush my teeth when I am so tired. Sometimes I have to clean the house.

Lexi Ward, Grade 3, Tri-Valley Elementary

Help people

Chores may not be fun for some people and fun for others. They are not that fun for me, but I like to help people. Do you like chores?

Katie Novotny, Grade 3, Washington Elementary

Chores are boring

I have to do a lot of chores. Chores are boring but you have to do them. I clean the kitchen and a bathroom. You have to do them to make your house clean.

Jonathan While, Grade 4, Calvary Christian Academy

Finding stuff

Chores are good so you can find stuff. They can be cleaning, cooking and more. Some people like chores, like me! Some people don’t like chores. But I still like them.

Savannah Leslie, Grade 1, Cedar Ridge

Cleaning the windows

My favorite chore is cleaning the windows. It is so fun to spray the cleaning spray and wipe it up. That is my favorite chore.

Jaci Terrell, Grade 5, Christian Life Academy

Hard work

I clean my room and my living room, the basement, the bathroom and the kitchen. It is all hard work. Plus my dog tears everything up, so I have to clean up again.

Taylor Strange, Grade 3, Fairview Elementary


My chores that I have are to mow, feed and water my pets, take out the garbage, and have very good grades. If I get bad grades I’ll get in trouble.

Jacob Funk, Grade 1, Jefferson Park

Messy room

I have to clean my room almost every day. It really is messy.

Thomas Asis, Grade 2, St. Mary’s, Bloomington


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