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Flying Horse for the week of May 8, 2011:

Watching movies

I love my mom so much. I love to snuggle with her when we’re watching a movie. She is just like me. When I get sick, my mom cares for me. Everybody should have a mom like mine.

Sadie Cole, Grade 4, Calvary Christian Academy

Moms help

I love my mother. She helps me when I need help. She is the best mother ever. Mothers are great.

Elle Giovanini, Grade 4, St. Mary’s, Pontiac

No trades

I would not trade my mom for anything. We go everywhere together. Sometimes we even go frog hunting. It is awesome when we play video games together.

Devyn Fry, Grade 2, Chester-East Lincoln

What brownies

My mom is very nice. She makes mouth-watering brownies. She let me get a king-sized Kit Kat. It was yummy in my tummy!

Thad Steffen, Grade 2, Lexington Elementary

Keeps me safe

First, my mom makes sure I am safe. Next, she makes me feel good. Then, we like to eat food. Last, she tucks me in. I love my mom so much.

Kamdyn Shickel, Grade 1, Cedar Ridge


My mom is a gardener. She plants a lot of flowers in the summer. I help her plant them. We plant roses, lilies and sometimes daffodils.

Tony Mason, Grade 4, St. Mary’s, Bloomington.


My mom loves me. Moms are awesome! God made them!

Thomas Asis, Grade 2, St. Mary’s, Bloomington

Reading, playing

My mom is great. She cooks, cleans, likes to take photos of her family, and loves to read and play outside with me. But most of all she loves me!

Mikayla Meyers, Grade 5, LeRoy Elementary

Ice cream

My mom gives me ice cream and seafood. What does your mom give you?

Oliver McManus, Grade 2, Tri-Valley Elementary

A great resource

Moms are Earth’s best natural resource. They have many great powers. One great power is super cleaning. Another is mega kindness. Moms help us and take care of us.

Becky Peel, Grade 4, Northpoint Elementary

Game shows

My mom and I guess the puzzles and have races on "Wheel of Fortune" every night it is on. She will win, but sometimes I guess it before her. It’s on every weekday.

Maya Nodine, Grade 2, Lowpoint-Washburn Elementary

Fun stuff

My mom is awesome. I mean she’s so fun and she does stuff for us. I am glad I have her for my mom.

Carly McBeath, Grade 4, Holy Trinity

Moms are good

Moms are good. Moms are great. Moms are people you should not hate.

Zachary Paulk, Grade 3, Sugar Creek

Prettiest mom

My mom is so wonderful I can’t name all the reasons. She is the prettiest woman in the universe. I like her just the way she is. She supports me on everything. I can’t thank her enough.

Victoria Watson, Grade 2, Towanda Elementary

She helps me

My mom helps me in so many ways, like with riding my new bike. When I fall down she helps me back up. I have a great mom because she loves me.

Marissa Turner, Grade 2, Hudson Elementary

It’s not easy

Moms have hard work. They make it look easy, but it is not easy at all. They feed the baby, wash the kids. Moms have so much stuff to do. That is why moms are so tired.

Alec Imhof, Grade 3, Stevenson Elementary

I love my mom

I love my mom. She mows the lawn. She is nice to me. She plays with me.

Joey Kerner, Grade 1, Jefferson Park

Buy her things

I love my mom so much that I would buy her everything in the world (of course if I had the money).

Andrew Gibson, Grade 3, Washington Elementary

To comfort

Moms are great. They are there when you need comfort. My mom is one of the nicest people I know. I love her very much.

Ben Eddy, Grade 5, Oakdale Elementary

Watching Idol

My mom and I watch "American Idol" together. I like to give my mom massages. My mom and I have fun together.

Peyton Brooks, Grade 2, Benjamin Elementary

My mommy

My mom Meagan is awesome. She spoils me and she also helps me with things I have trouble with. My mom rocks!

Jasmine Bynog, Grade 5, Oakdale Elementary

Playing games

My mom plays kickball and Wii with me. She makes me dinner every night. She makes me laugh when she is being funny.

Raegen Thompson, Grade 1, Carlock Elementary


I will make a card for my mom because she is nice to me, and because I love her so much, and she is wonderful.

Lexie Gilliand, Grade 1, Fairview Elementary

A good choice

My mom is amazing because she made me. When my mom had me, she gave her job up for her kids instead of $1 million from her boss. She went with her kids.

Maureen Gensler, Grade 1, Fieldcrest Elementary

Breakfast in bed

For Mother’s Day, I will let my mom have breakfast in bed. I will mop the floor, sweep the kitchen and vacuum the living room. I would do anything for my mom. I would also give her flowers.

Maddie McBurney, Grade 2, Northpoint Elementary

I love you

I love you Mom, because you take care of me. I also like you because you get dinner for me and you get toys for me. And you care for me a lot.

Jacob Janssen, Grade 2, Cedar Ridge

Like a cookie

Moms are like a big cookie when something bad ever happens to you; they will always fill you up with joy. They are always a part of our heart.

Dani Freeman, Grade 5, Prairieland Elementary

My mom

I love you, Mom, with all my heart. I hope that we shall never part. I love you so much, Mom. Happy early Mother’s Day!

Morgan McDonald, Grade 5, Stevenson Elementary


My mom is a spectacular mother! My mom is funny, nice, cute and loving. We like to go on walks together with our dog, Addi.

Anna Harbert, Grade 2, Grove Elementary

Teaching us

Moms are caring, sweet and patient with kids. They teach us right from wrong. We learn from what they do. That’s why so many Americans are nice.

Caitlin Tippy, Grade 5, Oakdale Elementary

The best food

My mom is the best because she makes the best food. My mom knows how to make steak with rice and gravy on top. It’s really good and everyone loves when my mom makes it.

Brayden Caston, Grade 2, Fairview Elementary

Helps me train

In the backyard, my mom trains with me. She always says ‘yes’ to pitching baseballs. She also makes food for me every day.

Ryan Gardner, Grade 3, Oakland Elementary

Picking flowers

My mom is so much fun! She lets me pick flowers in my yard, and she lets me do all kinds of stuff. I love my mommy!

Meredith Brunner, Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Gifts for mom

I like my mom. I wish I could give her a new rug or a new cup. She cooks me noodles. She helps me with TV.

Nomula Aarya, Kindergarten, Stevenson Elementary

Cheers me up

I love my mom. She is so sweet and cheers me up when I am sad. She has the most beautiful eyes. She loves to snuggle. She is cheerful almost all the time.

Nelly Beneke, Grade 1, Tri-Valley Elementary

Important role

Moms are important because they make dinner for us. Also, some moms go to work and get money for their families. We wouldn’t be here without moms.

Jaden Thompson, Grade 4, Carlock Elementary

Like pumpkin pie

Moms are great like pumpkin pie. They help us when we need help with everything. My mom keeps me warm when I am cold. So we should thank our moms.

Akhila Mattapalli, Grade 3, Grove Elementary

A mom at home

My mom is a stay-at-home mom, and she teaches my brother and I school at home. My mom’s birthday is very close to Mother’s Day. My mom usually makes dinner, but not on Sundays. She is the best!

Abby Miller, Grade 3, home school

Plenty of hugs

Moms always give love to you by hugging you, and they always listen to you. They are the best at giving you the right things. This is why I love moms.

Sid Panda, Grade 3, Benjamin Elementary


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