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Flying Horse for the week of May 22, 2011:


I’d like to visit California because I’d like to see the Golden Gate Bridge. I’d like to see my friend who lives there. I’d also like to see the dolphins that live there.

Allie High, Grade 3, Irving Elementary

My teacher

A place I’d like to go is to my teacher’s house. It would be fun there. I would play with her daughter.

Samantha McCowan, Grade 2, Towanda Elementary

To Mexico

I’d like to see Mexico because in my mind I think it’s a beautiful place. Sometimes my teacher reads us books about Mexico.

Ali Eagleton, Grade 2, St. Mary’s, Pontiac


I will travel to Paris. My room is based on it. I will take a boat and a plane. I will see the Eiffel Tower. If I was really going there I would be so excited.

Morgan Mouser, Kindergarten, Tri-Valley Elementary

My old house

A place I’d like to see is my old house in Wisconsin. I moved when I was 3 years old and I miss my friends. I’d like to see how many things have changed.

Peyton Brooke, Grade 2, Benjamin Elementary

To Hawaii

I want to see Hawaii because I love hula dancers. I love Lilo and Stitch, and they live in Hawaii. I had breakfast with Lilo and Stitch in Disney World.

Paige Iott, Grade 2, Normal Epiphany


A place I’d like to go is Iowa because I have some friends there and I haven’t seen them for a long time. I miss them very much so I would like to go there again.

Claire Kuhlman, Grade 2, New Holland-Middletown

The president

I would like to visit the White House to meet the president and ask him questions, like how much he has to pay for water, air conditioning and electricity. Does he drive his own car or ride in a limo?

Joey Vasquez, Grade 2, Lowpoint-Washburn Elementary


Heaven is a place I’d like to see. The streets are made of gold. I want to go to heaven someday. There is a lot of food. Heaven is awesome. The best thing of all is that God lives there.

Cole Howard, Grade 4, Calvary Christian Academy

Six Flags

I’m going to Six Flags. I saw Six Flags when I was going to Arkansas. There is a tube ride at Six Flags.

Charlene Hamilton, Grade 1, Jefferson Park

I love Iowa

Last time I got to go to Iowa we stayed at a hotel with an inside swimming pool. I had so much fun that when I got home I jumped in the baby pool!

Felicity Duval, Grade 2, Chester-East Lincoln

In Hawaii

Well, I really want to go to Hawaii and go swimming in the ocean. But I would really like to go out of the U.S.A. to see different cultures all around the world. It would be cool.

Connor Finnegan, Grade 3, Holy Trinity

Wisconsin Dells

A great place to go is Wisconsin Dells. You can go to the Build a Bear shop, and go to the stores outside, to the pool, and the candy and ice cream shop. I love Wisconsin!

Nayeli Almanza, Grade 2, Cedar Ridge


I would like to see California because I need to know my way around because when I grow up I will be a superstar.

Leighton Rutherford, Grade 4, Olympia South


My favorite vacation place is the Lake of the Ozarks in Camdenton, Mo. We have a condo there and we have a lot of fun.

Danielle Litwiller, Grade 5, Christian Life Academy

Visit Ohio

I want to visit Ohio because there are bulls there. I can ride them. There are cowboys there. I can meet the cowboys.

Timothy Luckey, Grade 1, Fieldcrest Elementary

Visit to Mars

The place I want to go is Mars. I’ve always wanted to be an astronaut and go to Mars and discover life.

Tien Phan, Grade 5, Oakdale Elementary

Chocolate trees

I would like to go to Santa Domingo, because chocolate grows on trees there. I would eat chocolate all the time there, and bananas too.

Claire Dyck, Grade 3, Parkside Elementary

The past

I would like to see Bloomington in the past, and see if my house was there, and see if my old school was there.

Justin Ridinger, Grade 4, St. Mary’s, Bloomington

New York

I want to see New York because my Aunt Bubba does plays there. They also have a huge chocolate factory there.

Abbie Lee, Grade 3, Grove Elementary

Rocky Mountains

I want to go explore the Rocky Mountains in Colorado. I think it would be cool to go hiking. I could look for caves too.

Brandon Tomic, Grade 3, Sugar Creek

St. Louis

I have never been to the St. Louis Arch. I’ve only seen it in pictures. It would be fun to see the arch.

Timmy Vaughn, Grade 2, Hudson Elementary


I have never been to Disneyland, and would really love to see it. My other favorite place to see is the Grand Canyon. I would be really, really excited to see those two places.

Kennedy Richards, Grade 2, Northpoint Elementary

Mansion house

The place I’d like to see is a big mansion house. It would be so cool. It would be brown. It would be so pretty.

Sydney Haase, Grade 1, Tri-Valley Elementary


I really want to see a place called Egypt. I have always wanted to meet a person who lives there and a camel. I also want to go there because they have really cool pyramids.

Alex Kooba, Grade 3, Benjamin Elementary

Washington, D.C.

My favorite place to go is Washington, D.C. There are lots of places to go! Sometimes you can go to the White House. The first time going there I was 7.

Aisha Adams, Grade 2, Irving Elementary

My vacation

I am going on a vacation with my family and friends. It is a four-wheeling trip in Missouri. I got a new four-wheeler and that means I can go on a trail called 200.

Kalli Terrell, Grade 4, Christian Life Academy

To Colorado

We are going on a vacation to Colorado. It is very cold. We are going to see the hills, so it will be fun. Mom and I are going shopping for warm clothes.

Madison Kinkade, Grade 2, Chenoa Elementary

A concert

A place I’d like to see is a Selena Gomez concert. One reason is that Selena Gomez rocks! Another reason is I think Selena Gomez sings really good.

Laura Jade Bandy, Grade 3, Oakdale Elementary

Bulls court

A place I would like to see is the Bulls’ NBA court. I would like to see it because the Bulls are my favorite team. That is what I would like to see.

Braden Zenor, Grade 3, Tri-Valley Elementary

Leaning Tower

A place I would really like to go to is Italy to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa. That would be so cool! If I did, then I could go to Venice. It would be awesome to tour the city in a gondola.

Leah Monagle, Grade 5, Christian Life Academy

Cape Town

I’d love to go to Cape Town, South Africa. It was established in 1652 by the Dutch East India Co. I would love to see the Royal Observatory.

Joy Woudeberg, Grade 5, Prairieland Elementary


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