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This week’s Winners: Music

This week's 'Flying Horse' theme: Food/cooking


Tried new recipe: My favorite food is crab bisque. We didn’t have dinner plans, so I went on Google and searched crab bisque. I found a recipe, and it looked really good. It was.

Aiden McCree

Grade 5, Calvary

Works of art: When you cook or bake it allows you to have fun and get messy. I love baking for two reasons: one, it allows you to try different recipes of the same thing, and two, because you get to have dessert. I feel that cooking, and baking are both beautiful works of art, and you can make your food look like anything, and everything!

Reece Wright

Grade 3, Epiphany

Presentation: I love cooking and baking because I like to decorate things. My parents always said I have a creative mind, and I can think of things and make them. My favorite part of it is presentation, cleanliness and making it look nice. When I grow up I want to be a baker and run my own bakery in Florida.

Elizabeth Zehr

Grade 5, Epiphany

Wants to be like mom: My favorite food is rabbit and corn on the cob. My favorite thing that my mom makes me is mac and cheese. I wish I could cook things like my mom. In December, my mom and I like to cook cookies together. I love my mom so much.

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Hallie Greskoviak

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Special: I like my apple cookie crunch. It is so easy. I’ll show you how to make it. First, get and apple and cut it up. Next get a cookie. Then peel off the skin of the apple. Then get your cookie and crumble it and put it in the fridge for five minutes. Then, eat it.

Gianna Lamb

Grade 1, Mulberry

Norwegian bread: I like to cook food. I like to cook and bake for and with my family. My favorite food is Julekage (pronounced u-le-ka-ga), a Norwegian bread.

Lauren Kirby

Grade 4, Northpoint

Dad cooks: My dad cooks the best steak.

Noah Thomlinson

Grade 2, Stevenson

Holiday cook: I love to bake. I made most of Thanksgiving dinner. I made spice cake, pumpkin cheesecake bars, spice-roasted carrots, sweet potato gnocchi, apple crisp and turkey cheese ball appetizer.

Dean Armstrong

Grade 3, Stevenson

Lots of favorites: I love food. My favorite foods are as follows: bacon, pears, any type of bread, turkey, chicken, etc. I cannot cook.

Armon Gardner

Grade 5, Calvary

Likes cheesy, spicy: My favorite food is fettuccine alfredo. I like it because I like the cheesy taste it has. My favorite thing that my dad cooks is tacos. He makes the meat just kinda spicy. And my last favorite food is Mexican food. I love it because I like spicy food.

Hope Atiken

Grade 3, Epiphany

Pizza is best: I love food. My favorite food is pizza. I love how it has melted cheese with pepperoni. I love how they mix so well. I think that pizza is the best food because it can have any topping. My favorite type of pizza is four meat pizza because it has loads of meat that I like. The meats are ham, pepperoni, sausage and bacon.

Seth Bojan

Grade 5, Epiphany

Best bread: I have High Five magazines. One of them has a pumpkin bread recipe in it. My greatest one is pumpkin bread. It has chocolate chips in it. It is delicious.

Luke Koetters

Grade 1, Home school

Good texture: My favorite food is Annie’s macaroni. It is my favorite because I like the texture of it. I also like it because it has good cheese. My favorite is white cheddar shells.

Nolan Walker

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Favorite: I want to have spaghetti and meatballs.

Korbyn Tarnowski

Grade 1, Mulberry

Special treat: My mom and I love to make what I call bowtie pasta. The ingredients are cheese, sugar snap peas, pasta, meat, salt, hot water and more vegetables. Bowtie pasta is my favorite food, but I don’t get it too often. That’s what makes it special to make with my mom.

Rachel Ebert

Grade 4, Northpoint

Good cooks: My mom and dad are pizza workers, and they are really good cooks. At home my mom cooks. She makes the best chicken. Sometimes my dad cooks. I want to help them make food, too, but I’m too little, they say. But I know I am old enough now.

Svetlana Pappas

Grade 2, Stevenson

Loves the smells: I love cooking because it is fun to do with family. My favorite part in cooking is the smell. Do you like to do cooking?

Hanna Sniff

Grade 3, Calvary

Always turns out: My favorite food is an apple, but my favorite food to bake is brownies. Brownies are super easy to bake if you have my mom’s recipe. The recipe is super easy to bake and always turns out perfect.

Colin Dozier

Grade 5, Calvary

Flavors: My favorite food is a bacon burger and mozzarella sticks from Buffalo Wild Wings. I enjoy this dish because it is a great combination of flavors. I enjoy the mozzarella sticks because they’re so cheesy. I enjoy the burger because it has a great combination of flavor and spice.

Jacob Becker

Grade 3, Epiphany

Amazing recipe: My favorite food to cook and eat is my family’s spaghetti and meat sauce. My great-grandpa got the recipe from an old Chicago Cubs player. Everything about it is amazing, even the smallest little details like the garlic or basil or oregano. It is by far my favorite food.

John O’Connell

Grade 5, Epiphany

With Grandma: My favorite food is Taco Bell. Tacos taste good. I like to help make deviled eggs. I like to make deviled eggs with my grandma.

Journi Wilson-Dorsey

Grade 2, Jefferson Park

Yummy dessert: I made a new dessert that I call chocolate soup. It is very good. I made it for my friend Ashley when she was sick. I am making it for her today. I am going to test it for her. It is so yummy I might eat it all day. Ashley will love it.

Vivian Watson

Grade 1, Mulberry

Bacon: I really love cooking bacon. I love how bacon sizzles and makes cool noises. I really love to flip the bacon. It is so satisfying.

Blake Wright

Grade 4, Northpoint

Eats meat: I eat turkey on Thanksgiving. And I eat chicken and cheesecake.

Ethan Akintomde

Grade 2, Stevenson

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