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Kidz Bop, TNS photo

Kidsday reporters Ryan Damers, left, AJ Clow, front, and Aaron Ramirez, right, with the Kidz Bop members at Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York on Jan. 18, 2018. 

Have you ever had a once-in-a-lifetime experience that you could say was the best day of your life? All three of us can say that we definitely did.

We went to Dylan's Candy Bar in Manhattan, which is an amazing place that is full of any kind of candy you could ever want. As if that wasn't cool enough, when we walked through the doors, we saw the Kidz Bop kids on the main floor. They were in New York to promote their latest CD, "Kidz Bop 37." Within a few minutes, we were invited to meet them on the upper level of Dylan's. When we arrived upstairs, we could not believe how cool the room looked. The new Kidz Bop album was playing and it felt like a party. There were tables that looked like giant cupcakes that had gumballs underneath the glass. Before we knew it we were introduced to the members of Kidz Bop. The names of the performers we met were Cooper, Ahnya, Freddy, Sierra, Julianna, and Isaiah. We could not believe this was really happening.

First, we got in a circle and danced for a while. Next, we sat at one of the cupcake tables and got ready to ask the kids some questions. AJ asked the kids about some of the most embarrassing things that happened while performing. Ahnya told us that one time, she forgot to turn her shoelace lights on, and Isaiah said that he had to run offstage when his microphone pack was not working. It took nearly 10 minutes before he could come back onstage.

Ryan and Aaron wanted to know about what school and the tour bus are like for the performers. We found out that a teacher travels with the kids while they are touring to make sure they keep up with their education. Speaking of touring, all of the Kidz Bop kids love their tour bus. They love to have dance parties, play hide and seek, and mess up their beds on the bus. We thought that sounded like fun.

At the end of the interview, we asked if the Kidz Bop performers would help us with something. We counted down and then started to sing the first verse of the song "Thunder." Before we knew it, they were singing along with us. It was awesome. Once we were finished with our interview, we were invited to have ice cream sundaes with our new Kidz Bop friends. One of the funniest moments was when we looked over and saw Aaron sitting right in the middle of the Kidz Bop performers eating his ice cream and just hanging out like he was a part of their group.

Before we left, we took our picture with all of the Kidz Bop kids in front of a giant backdrop that said "Kidz Bop," and we got to sing another song.

We have been listening to the CD during inside recess days and our whole class loves it! Some of our favorite songs on the CD are: "Havana," "Thunder," "New Rules," "Bad at Love" and "Feel It Still." You have to get this CD!

Meeting the Kidz Bop performers and spending the day at Dylan's Candy Bar was truly the best day of our lives. The kids and the ice cream were both the coolest.


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