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PONTIAC — For the last several years, local artist and downtown business owner Mike Rodino has been looking for the right time to display a series of pictures featuring galvanized garbage cans.

When a debate started last month, he used his Wallworks window, 115 W. Madison St., to display a few images from "One Man's Trash -"

"Since (garbage cans) are at the forefront of the news, I knew people would get a kick out of it," he said. "Everyone takes away something different from art. It's just to get people to think and talk about it."

Garbage collection and the possible use of special garbage cans will be discussed at the Pontiac City Council meeting tonight.

Mayor Scott McCoy said he and Allied Waste, which collects garbage in Pontiac, will make a presentation. He would not release information before then.

"When people learn the truth and get the details, they will be floored," said McCoy, who wanted residents to hear the ideas first-hand rather than through rumors and misinformation.

Last month, the mayor said he was unhappy with how the city looked on garbage pick-up days. He suggested using a special garbage can because the lack of cans seemed to be the biggest problem.

McCoy since has received more than 80 written comments on the issue. Several council members have heard from residents who are unhappy.

Rodino said his display is not a stance on the issue; it was just the right time to display the project he started in the 1970s. The display features several scenes of galvanized cans, taken in Pontiac and other places.

"They are interesting images," Rodino said. "I've had quite a few comments. Some people look at it as opposition, some think it's cute. It has defiantly stimulated activity for the store."

McCoy said he encourages residents to attend the meeting.

"The more people that are there, the more that will understand the details," McCoy said. "I hope we pack the place."


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