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BLOOMINGTON - Bloomington firefighters usually respond to commands such as "structure fire" and "motor vehicle accident."

On Saturday, they heard, "Lights, camera, action."

The Bloomington Fire Department and Insight Productions began filming two public service announcements for the "Move Right for Sirens and Lights" campaign, which urges drivers to pull over to the side of the road for emergency vehicles. The segments were filmed on Arcadia Drive between Lincoln Street and Ireland Grove Road.

"People are distracted, whether it be eating in their car, trying to put makeup on, arguing with their kids or talking on a cell phone," Bloomington public education officer Eric Vaughn said. "They are not aware of their surroundings, so this campaign is really designed to let people know that they need to pay attention to what's going on around them. The people we are going to help could be their family members."

Vaughn said drivers commonly don't allow emergency vehicles to pass on Veterans Parkway, Hershey Road, West Market Street, Center Street and Main Street.

One ad will feature drivers not letting a fire engine pass. The other will show drivers not letting an ambulance pass.

Vaughn knew the perfect person to star as the mother who argues with her children.

"Yeah, I'm definitely guilty of arguing with my kids while driving," said Mysty Vaughn of McLean, who is Eric's wife and mother to Aidan, 9, and Liam, 7.

To add a level of realism, Aidan wore a St. Louis Cardinals shirt and Liam wore a Chicago Cubs shirt during their backseat fight.

Other actors admitted they were guilty of what they portrayed.

"I drove a truck for 25 years, and I've done all of this," Garrie Atkins of Bloomington said. "I'm guilty of using a cell phone. I've probably driven hundreds of miles with my knees while I eat food, and I've looked at paperwork. So I've been either very good or very lucky."

The video shoot took about an hour to accomplish, and is expected to be on Insight cable channels in about a week and a half, said Dan Simmons, executive producer of Twin Star Productions and ICN5 cable.

Three or four more videos are planned, Vaughn said. The next will concern Scott's Law, which increases penalties for drivers who injure or kill workers at a roadside emergency scene.


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