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PONTIAC — Indiana Avenue is falling apart, but how much it will be repaired hasn't been decided.

The City Council decided Monday to apply for about $1 million in federal funds to replace Indiana Avenue, complete with curbs and gutters. The request does not commit the city to the building project, however.

"Filing the letter does not commit us to anything," said City Administrator Bob Karls. "We make no final commitments."

The council also is considering widening and resurfacing the street, which could cost about $70,000 and last about 10 years. The temporary fix would add about 3 feet of width to the 19-foot-wide road and a new surface.

The council will consider the options for the road in upcoming budget talks.

The road is crumbling at the edge, and passing another car requires one to go off the road.

"We should do it as a city street (curb and gutter). Don't play around with it," said Alderman Donovan Gardner.

The federal funding won't be available until 2009, but it could come sooner if projects in other communities fall off track.

The council is concerned about spending money on a temporary replacement for the road when that work would be destroyed when the new road is built.

The section of road runs from near Pontiac Township High School to the outskirts of town. Illini and Brookside subdivisions both are accessible from Indiana Avenue.

Some of the land in the area is not developed.

Indiana Avenue feeds into Illinois 116 on the northeast side of Pontiac.

A bridge, which is in the county's jurisdiction, also would need improvements to compliment a widened road.


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