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Pantagraph staff

BLOOMINGTON - Heavy fog blanketed the Twin Cities Wednesday morning, causing a few fender benders and flight delays but no major problems.

The fog formed in a narrow band along Interstate 74 from Galesburg to Bloomington, and affected Rantoul and areas just north of Danville, said Kirk Huettl, a meteorologist for the National Weather Service office in Lincoln.

Three flights - one each to Chicago, Atlanta and Detroit - were delayed Wednesday morning at Central Illinois Regional Airport in Bloomington, said spokeswoman Fran Strebing.

Normal police officers dealt with one or two minor accidents because of the fog, and Bloomington police also did not have an unusual number of accidents, officials said.

It first appeared about 5 a.m., reducing visibility in affected areas to about an eighth of a mile by 7 a.m., Huettl said. Visibility stayed at or below about half a mile until 11 a.m., and had reached about three miles by 2:30 p.m.

Moisture from snow pack that melted in areas to the southwest cooled as it entered the area, causing the heavy fog, Huettl said.

The low angle of the sun this time of year, particularly during the winter solstice, made it more difficult for the sun to burn off the fog, Huettl said.

Driving in fog

It is best not to drive in fog. However, if you must drive in fog, take the following precautions: n;

* Slow down. If you see headlights or taillights, slow down even more.

* Drive with your headlights set on dim, or use fog lights.

* Do not overdrive your headlights. Stay within the limits of your vision. If the fog is too dense, pull off the roadway and stop. Do not drive at 5 or 10 mph.

w Use your turn signal long before you turn and brake early when you approach a stop to warn other drivers.


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