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BLOOMINGTON - You're at a busy intersection and a funeral procession is creeping through a red light.

Do the mourners have the right-of-way?

Typically, yes.

"The lead car (in the funeral procession) is the key," said Dave Druker, a spokesman for the Illinois Secretary of State's office.

All cars in a funeral procession (no matter how long) follow the lead car, he said.

So if the lead car starts through the intersection on green, the rest of the procession follows even as the light turns red.

"It's a common-sense approach. You don't want to break up a procession, which is a solemn occasion," Druker said.

He suspects the rule, contained in the Illinois Motor Vehicle Code, is one motorists often wonder about.

Other areas of confusion might be how or when to yield for emergency vehicles such police, fire and ambulances, and when to dim your headlights.

Here's what Druker said you need to know

w If the emergency vehicle is behind you with its lights flashing, pull off to the curb on the right;

w If an emergency vehicle with its lights flashing is approaching from the opposite direction, pull off if you are on a road without a divider.

However, you're not required to pull over if the lanes are divided by grass or cement

w If you're behind another motorist, dim your headlights within 300 feet.

w If you're approaching from the other direction, dim your headlights within 500 feet.


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