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BLOOMINGTON - Choices on how to address traffic and speeding on Linden Street through the Davis-Jefferson neighborhood are back to the residents in that area.

Eight choices - including leaving the street as is and rerouting traffic - were offered to residents at a special Neighborhood Traffic Control Committee meeting Wednesday at Bloomington Junior High School.

Instead of including only the residents on the 400 block of Linden Street, the committee opened the meeting to residents within the area bordered by Linden, Locust, Jefferson and Colton streets.

That group of residents will be asked their preference, said Bloomington Police Assistant Chief Jeff Sanders. The top preference will be given to Linden Street residents for a vote.

For Linden Street resident Prentice Blair, his choice would be to leave the street as it is. He said city studies show traffic is 11.9 percent less than in 1998 while the city's population likely increased by 12 percent since 2000.

"In a few years it will be even less," Blair said. "I'm up for doing nothing."

However, Paul Essington, who lives on Jefferson Street, wants Linden closed at Locust.

"Sometimes I wonder if traffic is going to come up into our driveway," Essington said.

The residents on the 400 block of Linden Street several times voted down installing speed humps. City traffic engineer Al Swanson said speed humps could be effective at slowing down traffic. But Bryan Wolfe, who lives on Woodruff Drive, said the speed humps placed in the middle of the street would do little to slow traffic at the corners of Woodruff and Davis.

"I hope all the residents in that area can come up with a solution that council can support," said Ward 8 Alderman Mike Sprague after the meeting.


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