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FARMER CITY -- Farmer City was settled by a group of nomadic farmers who simply gave up trying to find fertile soil and later was destroyed by a deadly meteor strike, according to a clearly fabricated historical record on Wikipedia.

It was unclear when the Wikipedia entry had been rewritten by pranksters, but a timestamp on the page as of Tuesday afternoon said it had last been edited on May 17.

Farmer City Mayor Mike Jenkins said he became aware of the post Monday.

"My initial reaction was you just have to laugh; you can't take things too seriously. But it does have to be taken care of," Jenkins said Tuesday.

He is assembling a more accurate Farmer City history to post in its place on the user-written, online encyclopedia.

"Farmer City was settled in 1723 by a group of nomadic farmers who traveled across the country trying to find the most fertile soil," the page said on Tuesday. "Sadly enough they never found any fertile soil and just decided to quit this frivilous (sic) task and create a village."

The page went on to describe an alarmingly high rate of substance abuse among the town's residents. "97% of the inhabitants were considered to be drunks," the page said.

Eventually, according to the website, the city saw substantial growth to 45,000 residents, but then a cataclysmic meteor strike killed everyone.

"Now the town sits empty, just a hole being filled with rain water that absolutley (sic) no one cares about," the entry said.




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