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BLOOMINGTON — The Midwest Professional Basketball Association — whose members include the Bloomington Flex — announced Wednesday that it has formed a partnership with the Bloomington-based Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence.

The goal is to educate players, staff and fans about saying "no more" to domestic/partner violence and sexual assault. An early effort will be to develop an official league no-tolerance policy toward domestic/partner violence and sexual assault.

Corporate Alliance to End Partner Violence (CAEPV) is working with Major League Baseball and the National Basketball Association and recently was asked to consult for the National Football League as it sought to develop a new workplace response to domestic violence and sexual assault.

Founded by business leaders and focused on the workplace, CAEPV has been working against domestic violence since 1995, bringing together dozens of companies to exchange information, collaborate on projects and use their influence to make change.

"The MPBA firmly believes in developing players on the court and developing good citizens off the court and in the workplace," said MPBA Vice President Craig Fata. "This partnership is about education, outreach and prevention, not reacting after the fact."

CAEPV Executive Director Kim Wells said, "We are excited to work with the MPBA as they commit themselves to saying 'no more' to domestic violence. It is our hope that the MPBA will serve as a model in addressing domestic violence as a workplace, as a sports organization and as an organization committed to the communities it serves across the Midwest."

The two organizations plan to expand the anti-violence message to youth-oriented community facilities.

"Our teams typically practice in community centers where kids hang out," Fata said. "And if they see in person and interact with the players telling them 'no more' on posters and in videos, that can be extremely impactful."

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