BLOOMINGTON — Exactly what caused the 911 emergency system to go down in McLean and other Central Illinois counties isn't yet known, but all the systems were functioning properly on Monday.

Frontier Communications confirmed that McLean and Woodford counties were among several in Illinois that had problems.

“We were having some issues with some calls and by 3 a.m. the system was down,” said Mowery.

According to a Frontier Communications representative, the outage also affected the following counties: Adams, Bureau, Hancock, LaSalle, McDonough, Morgan, Macoupin, Pike and Scott. Also affected were several rural dispatch centers in Cass, Henderson, Schuyler and Warren counties.

There were no reports of any public safety-related problems tied to the outage. Dispatch centers were unable to receive 911 calls from cell phone users, but landline phones appeared to be working.

“Frontier is working to identify the situation and take precautions so it doesn’t happen again,” Mowery said.

On Monday, Frontier Communication officials declined further comment on the outage.

After dispatch centers became aware of the problem, first responders in McLean County were notified and then members of the public, through media outlets and social media.

Anyone with an emergency was directed to call non-emergency phone lines for assistance. Some agencies, such as the Heyworth Fire Department, planned to staff their stations overnight, however, there was no need to do that after the service was restored. The Heyworth EMS is already staffed overnight.

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