BLOOMINGTON — A Decatur woman has pleaded guilty to two new lesser charges of providing drugs linked to a Bloomington woman's fatal overdose and concealing that death.

On Friday, Stephanie Mangan, 27, pleaded guilty in McLean County Circuit Court to Class 1 delivery of a controlled substance and Class 4 concealment of a death. Defense attorney Brian McEldowney had requested the state file those felony charges earlier Friday.

Bloomington police found Brandyce Mrazek, 30, unresponsive July 2, 2018, at her residence in the 300 block of East Mulberry Street, Bloomington.

"The death of the decedent was a tragic accident," said McEldowney after the court hearing Friday. "Certainly Stephanie did not intend for that to happen and accepted responsibility for what she did, which was delivery of a controlled substance and delay in reporting the accident." 

Assistant State's Attorney En-Chi Lin said Mangan unlawfully delivered 1 to 15 grams of cocaine to Mrazek on July 1.

McEldowney said the amount delivered was a little more than 1 gram of cocaine, and an autopsy showed the victim, in addition to cocaine, had morphine, Fentanyl and hydrocodone in her system.

The second charge accused Mangan of concealing the death of a person, who died by other than homicide, by taking the victim's phone to conceal that she was deceased.

The victim died 12 to 18 hours prior to her death being reported, said Lin.

Mangan and Mrazek were in a dating relationship, and Mangan had been providing the victim with controlled substances since March 2018, Lin said.

Agreement on penalties was not reached, so Judge Casey Costigan will decide what to impose when Mangan is sentenced on Sept. 20.

The Class 1 offense is punishable by between four to 15 years in prison and the Class 4 by three to six years imprisonment, because Mangan is eligible for an extended prison term for that offense.

Mangan remains in the McLean County jail on $100,035 bond.

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