BLOOMINGTON — A Bloomington woman who claims she stabbed a man in self-defense is seeking records that may show a pattern of violent behavior by the victim toward women, her defense lawyer said Wednesday.

Leila Jackson, 22, is charged with fatally stabbing Quantez Brown, 24, during an argument July 17 outside her apartment at 410 N. Roosevelt Ave. in which she claims Brown threatened her.

Defense lawyer Joshua Rinker told Judge Casey Costigan on Wednesday he has obtained reports involving Brown's contact with local police agencies and is seeking records from Cook County where the victim may have been accused of physically abusing women.

Rinker said he has uncovered evidence that Brown may have attempted to conceal his identity to avoid a warrant from Cook County.

According to information submitted by Bloomington police with a search warrant request, Jackson was sitting on her front steps around 1 a.m. July 17 when Brown approached her and started an argument.

The two had known each other for several months. Jackson had rebuffed Brown's attempts to start a relationship because he was involved with another woman, according to the court filing.

Jackson told police "she feared Brown would physically assault her so she stabbed him, claiming she aimed for his stomach," said the search warrant request.

Jackson told officers the knife she used to stab Brown had served as a utensil earlier for barbecuing food on her porch. After she stabbed Brown, Jackson took the knife inside and washed it in the kitchen before going to her father's home in Bloomington, according to police.

Jackson called police about 4 a.m. and offered to turn herself in.

Brown was dropped off at Advocate BroMenn Medical Center in Normal by a white female and two black males wearing masks, according to court records. 

Jackson is due back in court Jan. 31 for a status hearing.

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