BLOOMINGTON — Jurors in the Kirk Zimmerman murder trial viewed graphic photos Thursday of the crime scene where his ex-wife was found in November 2014.

In the photos, Pam Zimmerman’s body is seen on the floor behind the reception desk of her office at 2103 E. Washington St., Bloomington. Her body is in a fetal position, her head lying in a pool of blood. 

More than 100 crime scene photos were reviewed, including images of Pam Zimmerman's office and a 9 mm shell casing found on a window sill near her body, which was found by a close friend and a staff member on Nov. 4, 2014.

A cord to a landline telephone on the reception desk was cut, according to testimony Thursday from Bloomington police detective Scott Mathewson.

In testimony on Wednesday, another BPD detective, Sgt. Tim Power, acknowledged Kirk Zimmerman was a priority among three men for investigators' attention in the hours after the victim was found. Officers later talked with Eldon Whitlow, the victim’s final client at her financial services office, and Scott Baldwin, her fiancé.

Mathewson was questioned Thursday by defense lawyer John Rogers about possible contamination of evidence by the large number of first responders and police who were summoned to the office building after Pam Zimmerman, 53, was found. 

The detective detailed the items submitted to the state crime lab for testing. Asked about the results, he said, "there was no physical evidence that I recovered that matched Kirk Zimmerman." 

The state introduced a large number of exhibits from the crime scene, including Pam Zimmerman's purse found in her office and her wallet and cell phone located several blocks from the building.

Rogers became annoyed after Thursday's final witness said she could not recall if she had seen Kirk Zimmerman in the east-side office complex the day of the murder. Judith Stroh is employed at Eyecare Associates located in the lower level of the building. She said she knew the Zimmerman family as customers and Pam as a tenant in the office complex. 

Rogers asked Stroh if she was "now trying to help the state convict Mr. Zimmerman of murder."

"To be perfectly honest, I don't remember any of the questions I was asked. That was so long ago," Stroh testified.

When she was shown a copy of the police reports of her interview, Stroh acknowledged she did not mention seeing Zimmerman in the building in November 2014.

The trial resumes on Monday with more of the state's witnesses.  

Photos: Opening statements in the murder trial of Kirk Zimmerman

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