BLOOMINGTON — A Bloomington woman who pleaded guilty Monday in the alcohol-related death that killed Michael Collins was traveling more than 130 mph before the crash, according to a prosecutor.

Jamie Webb, 37, pleaded guilty to aggravated driving under the influence in the March 29 crash that killed Collins, 22, an Illinois State University student, and injured three other people.

Collins died several days after the collision near Main and Empire streets in Bloomington.

Webb also pleaded guilty to aggravated DUI related to serious injuries to another person who was in the vehicle in which Collins was a passenger.

The plea agreement does not include a recommended sentence that will be determined at an Oct. 23 hearing before McLean County Associate Judge Casey Costigan.

Webb faces up to 14 years in prison related to Collins' death and 12 years for injuries suffered by the other passenger, Tawni Rickett. The two sentences would be served concurrently, under the plea deal.

Webb also will be required to pay restitution to the victims' families. Work is not yet complete on the amount of restitution, said State's Attorney Jason Chambers.

In a statement on the plea, Chambers said, "Bloomington police put together a solid case which led to a quick resolution in this instance.  This case was a tragedy and there can be no good result in a courtroom which can cure that, but hopefully moving forward with this resolution will help the healing of the friends and families of the victims."

The Collins family declined to comment after the hearing.

Assistant State's Attorney Brad Rigdon said police have estimated that Webb's speed was 134 mph about 2.5 seconds before she went through a red light and more than 80 mph when her 2013 Camero struck the car in which Collins was a front-seat passenger.

Defense lawyer Stephanie Wong said Webb agreed with the circumstances of the accident as described by Rigdon, but disagrees with the 134 mph speed estimate.

Rigdon said Webb's blood alcohol level was 0.177, more than twice the legal limit for driving.

Webb had been at a bar on Bloomington's east side before the crash, said police.

Before the hearing, Webb cried as she sat at the defense table with Wong. Webb will remain free on $50,025 posted on her behalf in April. Strict curfew and alcohol-monitoring restrictions also remain in place.

About two dozen Collins family members and supporters attended the hearing, some of them wearing black T-shirts with MCStrong on the front. The logo references a charitable campaign that started and went viral in honor of Michael Collins.

Pending is an obstruction of justice charge against Orlando Jones, a passenger with Webb, for allegedly telling police he was the driver of the car.


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