BLOOMINGTON — Judge Mark A. Fellheimer has been re-elected chief of the 11th Judicial Circuit, which his second term beginning Jan. 1.

Fellheimer was named chief judge in July to serve the remainder of Judge Kevin Fitzgerald's term after Fitzgerald retired.

Fellheimer has general administrative and supervisory authority over circuit judges, court operations and probation and court services. He is a member of the Illinois Conference of Chief Judges, which meets monthly with the Illinois Supreme Court.

Fellheimer has been a judge since 2008 and presides over cases in Livingston, Ford and McLean counties.

Sworn in to six-year judicial terms in the 11th Circuit were judges Rebecca Foley, Paul Lawrence and William Yoder.

Foley was named associate judge in 2004 and elected a circuit judge in 2012. 

Lawrence was appointed associate judge in 2002 and appointed circuit judge by the Illinois Supreme Court in 2010. He was elected circuit judge in 2012.

Yoder was was appointed associate judge in 2011 and appointed circuit judge in July 2018 to replace Fitzgerald. He was elected circuit judge in November 2018.

Fellheimer said, "The 11th Judicial Circuit is fortunate to have some of the best and brightest judges in the state of Illinois that have devoted themselves to the law and to the citizens they serve."

Ceremonies will be held in December and January for two new associate judges for the circuit, which includes McLean, Livingston, Logan, Ford and Woodford counties. Scott Black and Scott Kording will replace retiring Associate Judges David Butler and Lee Ann Hill.

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