HEYWORTH — June Ratts just wanted her garbage picked up.

Ratts’ garbage day was a week ago Friday. When she found it still sitting in her yard Wednesday morning, she loaded up her truck and took it to the Village Hall — where she unloaded it. 

“It really wasn’t a pleasant sight to see her garbage piled up at the front door,” Mayor Larry Mowery said on Thursday.

The stunt earned Ratts, 70, a trip to the McLean County jail where she was booked on a charge of trespassing on government property.

“I didn’t hide the fact that it was my trash,” said Ratts, referring to a voice mail message she left at the Village Hall that she was taking the trash there. “I suppose I made the mayor mad.”

Heyworth Police Chief Chris Lane picked up the great-grandmother of three at the Circle II, a local tavern where she was eating lunch on Wednesday.

“He told me I was being charged with trespassing and that he had to take me into town,” said Ratts, referring to Bloomington, where she was booked at the McLean County jail.

Before she was escorted from the Circle II — in handcuffs, she said — the bartender pulled $100 out of the cash register for her to use in case she needed help with bail. She was released without having to post any money and is due in court on May 25.

Mowery would not comment on the charge except to say, “Our attorney deemed that was the necessary thing to do.”

Ratts said she doesn’t understand why her garbage was not picked up the first time and why it wasn’t picked up after she called the village on Monday. When it was not collected on Tuesday, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

The village contracts with Allied Waste Disposal, which operates one-worker automated garbage trucks. The garbage can must be closer to the street than where Ratts placed it, Mowery said.

“From what I was told, it wasn’t even anywhere close to where our public works guys could get to it,” he said. 

Ratts could not be reached later Thursday to respond to Mowery’s comments.

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