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BLOOMINGTON — About two dozen state and McLean County police officers responded to an incident early Sunday in rural McLean County that began with a call of shots fired and ended with a 30-year-old man in custody on weapons charges.

The suspect who faces initial charges of aggravated domestic battery, aggravated assault involving discharge of a firearm and possessing a firearm without a valid FOID card, is expected in court Tuesday. The Pantagraph does not normally name suspects until formal charges are filed.

The ongoing investigation by the McLean County Sheriff’s Department includes the circumstances surrounding the remains of four dogs found by police in the basement of the home located north of Lake Bloomington, according to Sheriff Mike Emery.

Emery said his officers responded to a call from a woman at 1:15 a.m. Sunday related to shots fired during an alleged domestic dispute. The shots were recorded on the 911 call as the woman fled the residence she shared with the suspect, he said.

Officers set up a perimeter outside the home where they remained for several hours. The Illinois State Police Tactical Response Team along with state’s armored vehicle outfitted with a battering ram also was on the scene.

The suspect surrendered around 9 a.m. without resistance.

The police response to the incident was based on information the suspect was allegedly intoxicated, in possession of weapons and a vicious dog but without a phone, said Emery.

“There was no rush for us to storm a residence with the possibility of someone being injured or killed. Time was on our side,” said the sheriff.

A pit bull was taken by county animal control officers.

Other agencies responding to the call included Hudson, Chenoa and El Paso police.

A search of the home after the suspect was arrested turned up the dead dogs. The state Department of Agriculture assisted police in arranging for the care of farms animals on the property, said police.

The suspect also is being held on a warrant for failure to appear in a pending felony DUI case.

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