BLOOMINGTON — The trial of a Bloomington woman charged in the December 2017 stabbing death of her boyfriend has been postponed until Aug. 12.

Judge Casey Costigan agreed Friday to delay the start of Brittney Mikesell's June 10 murder trial after the state filed a motion to continue the proceedings.

First Assistant State's Attorney Brad Rigdon said the request was necessary because of a scheduling conflict. Both sides agreed to the August date.

In Mikesell's case, she was with her boyfriend, Cullen Hedrick, at a mobile home park on the city's south side when Rodney Daugherty parked behind her vehicle. According to police, Hedrick began swinging a machete at Daugherty as Mikesell sprayed him with pepper spray.

Daugherty told police he stabbed Hedrick in self-defense with a knife he took from his vehicle.  No charges were filed against Daugherty who was not involved in a dispute with the couple.

Mikesell and Hedrick went to the mobile home park to settle a dispute with someone else, according to police.

Costigan ruled this week that prosecutors can share details with the jur of two other violent incidents involving Mikesell. She and Hedrick were involved in another altercation — this one at a Normal mobile home park — about a week before the Dec. 2, 2017 stabbing. And, a disagreement in Heyworth between the pair and several people immediately preceded the fatal trip to the Bloomington mobile home park, according to authorities.

The state argued the prior alleged behavior by Mikesell and Hedrick was part of a pattern of violent confrontations undertaken with a machete and other weapons while the two hid behind masks or bandanas.

The judge ruled the alleged bad acts are relevant evidence "to show that this was not random or a mistake." 

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