Stephanie Mangan, 26, is charged with drug-induced homicide in the July death of Brandyce Mrazek, 30, who was found unresponsive July 2 at her residence in the 300 block of East Mulberry Street, Bloomington. Authorities have not released details of the death, including the drug Mangan allegedly provided.

Mangan testified Thursday that she would stay with a friend in Bloomington and look for a job, if released after posting the $1,000 available to her for bond. She also said she would continue taking medications prescribed at the jail and would attend support meetings for substance abusers.

Defense attorney Brian McEldowney acknowledged to Judge Casey Costigan that the request to reduce the bond from $1 million to $10,000 required the judge to take a chance on the defendant.

Assistant State's Attorney Jeff Horve argued that Mangan is undeserving of that chance. He cited eight pending petitions to revoke Mangan's probation in three prior cases based on new charges filed since the cases were resolved.

A sentence of probation in a 2016 case afforded Mangan a "golden opportunity to turn her life around," said Horve, calling the defendant "out of control and a threat to public safety."

When asked by Horve to name her drug of choice, Mangan replied, "opiates."

Among her prior convictions is for drug possession linked to an incident at a Bloomington elementary school, Horve told the judge. A co-defendant in the 2016 case was accused of hurling racial slurs and waving a tire iron at a Stevenson Elementary School staff member working on the playground. Mangan was driving the co-defendant in a vehicle later found to contain cocaine, said the prosecutor.

In his denial of the lower bond, the judge told Mangan "public safety is by far my most important consideration when I look at a bond." 

Costigan agreed with Horve's assessment that Mangan has acquired new alleged violations of the terms of her probation and has "not followed through with what you said you were going to do" in terms of drug rehabilitation efforts.

Mangan is set for an April 5 status hearing on the charges that could send her to prison for up to 30 years.

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