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DECATUR — A Decatur woman told police she was held captive by her husband and choked after he became angry that she would not get him food when he was hungry.

A sworn Decatur Police affidavit said the incident lasted several hours on the morning of Nov. 17 at the woman’s home on North 35th Street.

Police found and arrested the man Friday afternoon and he was booked on preliminary charges of aggravated domestic battery, unlawful restraint and committing domestic battery while having a previous domestic battery conviction. Preliminary charges are subject to review by the state attorney’s office.

Writing in the sworn affidavit, officer Edward Cunningham described how the woman had finally escaped her home and fled to a nearby gas station where patrol officers found her. Cunningham said she was "highly emotional, crying and breathing heavily" as she spoke to police. 

He quoted the woman as describing how she had been very ill and laid up in bed for two days, but her husband of 12 years demanded she get up and bring him food. When she did get up and gather her purse and keys, she told police he became enraged when he realized she wanted to leave and wasn’t planning on bringing him back a meal.

Cunningham said the woman described him physically barring the way and then pinning her to a bed by sitting on her chest after she tried to climb out a window.

Later, she was pushed onto a chair while he yelled into her face: “(He)... was yelling at her ‘You going to hit me?’ and she slapped him with an open hand across the face in attempts to get him to back away from her,” said Cunningham. “However, he then placed both hands around her neck, choking her. Her airway was blocked, causing her to gasp for air.”

Cunningham said the husband kept barring the woman from escaping but, when he turned to shut the window she had tried to climb out of, she was able to dash out the front of the residence and seek refuge at the gas station.

The man remained in the Macon County Jail Monday night in lieu of posting $20,000 bond. Police records show he is on probation for the offense of unlawful restraint against the same victim and, if he makes bail, he is ordered to stay away from his wife, her home and her workplace.

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