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DECATUR — Police said a Decatur woman, angry that her boyfriend was talking to other women on his phone, doused him with gasoline before flicking on a lighter and threatening to set him on fire.

A police affidavit said the incident happened Saturday evening at the home the couple shares. The 32-year-old woman is also accused of pouring bleach on the boyfriend, aged 33, and hitting him with an umbrella, authorities said. 

She was arrested and booked on preliminary charges of domestic battery, theft and criminal damage; preliminary charges are subject to review by the Macon County State’s Attorney’s Office. An affidavit from Decatur Police Officer C. Lane said the woman had stolen the boyfriend’s two cellphones and told police she had later thrown them out of her car window.

Lane said the boyfriend, who has lived with the woman for eight months and is the father of her child, told police they had been arguing over the phones that showed communications with other women. The boyfriend had demanded the phones back and she had refused before dumping bags of his clothing outside and dousing them with gasoline.

“He advised she then poured gasoline onto his shirt (the one he was wearing), removed a lighter from her pocket, lit it, and threatened to set him on fire; he stated he backed away,” Lane said. “She then removed a knife from her pocket and threatened to stab him with it.”

Lane quoted the boyfriend telling him the assault then continued with the woman pouring bleach on him and hitting him with the umbrella.

The woman is quoted as telling police she did douse the clothes bags with both gas and bleach, but said getting gasoline on the shirt the boyfriend was wearing was accidental. She told police she had bought both his clothes and the phones with her money.

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