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BLOOMINGTON — A Bloomington man facing life in prison on murder charges was unwavering Thursday in his plan to represent himself against what appears to be substantial evidence from almost 300 witnesses for the state.

Nate Pena, and Corey Jackson, both 22, and Juan Carlos Perez, 33, were killed in the shooting incident in the 300 block of Riley Drive. Pena's 4-year-old son also was shot but survived.

Judge Casey Costigan reviewed the potential penalties with Mays that could come with convictions on murder, attempted murder and aggravated battery with a firearm charges. Life in prison is the possible sentence for murder of multiple victims and attempted murder, Costigan explained, and up to 30 years could be imposed on the firearms charge.

Mays insisted he understood the possible consequences and wanted to move forward without an attorney. He also has demanded a speedy trial, meaning he must be brought to trial within 120 days of his arrest.

His trial is set for Jan. 14.

Mays was provided with a list of 282 possible witnesses the state may call during a trial.

The judge also addressed Mays' motion to obtain the discovery materials the state could use as evidence against him.  

Assistant State's Attorney Erika Reynolds said a staff member in the office is working to transfer thousands of pages of documents and hundreds of videos onto an external hard drive that will be provided to Mays next week. 

Mays said he prefers to receive paper copies of the documents for review at the jail. 

"I want to be able to prepare myself properly,"said Mays, adding that it may be difficult to have extensive access to a computer at the jail. 

Discovery materials are generally provided to defense lawyers who show them but do not provide copies to their clients. Self-represented clients are given copies of their records but may not share them with others.

Costigan said he will discuss the computer issue with jail staff and review the matter at Mays' Dec. 18 status hearing.

Mays did not object to a request from the state to obtain a DNA sample from him and photographs of his arms, head, torso and legs.

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