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In this Dec. 22, 2016 file photo, Kirk Zimmerman, right, speaks to his attorney, John Rogers, during a hearing at the McLean County Law and Justice Center in Bloomington.

BLOOMINGTON — The fact that marijuana was found in Kirk Zimmerman's car when he was arrested in 2015 is among five incidents of potential other crimes that prosecutors intend to present at his murder trial.

The 59-year-old defendant is accused of shooting his former wife, Pam Zimmerman, four times in November 2014 after he went to her financial services offices on Bloomington's east side. 

Kirk Zimmerman has denied the accusations that he committed the murder; the state contends the shooting stemmed from an ongoing court battle related to child support payments.

In a court filing by the McLean County State's Attorney's Office, prosecutors list five examples of alleged misconduct by Zimmerman that they intend to ask a jury to consider.

A trial date has not been set.

It's anticipated that defense lawyer John Rogers will challenge the state's efforts to introduce the potential evidence that has not resulted in additional criminal charges against Zimmerman. The list of other crimes includes the marijuana allegedly found in Zimmerman's car and claims related to the couple's divorce.

The location of an unspecified amount of marijuana in Zimmerman's car when he was arrested July 21, 2015 in Bloomington is information the state wants a jury to hear, according to an Aug. 16 notice provided to Judge Scott Drazewski and the defense. 

The filing is the first time authorities have publicly disclosed the drug allegation that does not include other details, including where the marijuana was found inside the car.

The animosity between the Zimmermans documented in emails and divorce records is the basis for the state's efforts to introduce Kirk Zimmerman's failure to pay court-ordered expenses for the couple's three children and an allegation that Zimmerman benefited financially from his ex-wife's death.

The couple was married for 20 years.

Other allegations prosecutors will try to introduce as evidence include Zimmerman being seen outside his ex-wife's kitchen window, and an alleged trip to Indiana by Zimmerman to purchase a firearm.

No weapon has been found in connection with the shooting death.

In a motion filed in July by the defense, Rogers argued that police failed to uncover any evidence that Zimmerman intended to buy a firearm, or that he made contact with anyone in the Crawfordsville/Lafayette area of Indiana, where the state believes Zimmerman traveled to buy a handgun.

The question of whether half of Zimmerman's $200,000 bond will be returned is among the issues expected to be argued at a Thursday hearing. The defendant has asked for the refund to allow him to pay for experts to challenge certain state evidence. Legal costs have drained Zimmerman's assets, Rogers said at a recent court hearing.

The state has subpoenaed financial records from Zimmerman's son, David, and former girlfriend, Kate Arthur, to determine what funds he may be able to access for legal expenses. David Zimmerman loaned his father $25,000 last year for legal costs, the lawyer for David Zimmerman said last week.

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