McLean County Assistant State's Attorney Brad Rigdon told Judge Scott Drazewski earlier this week that the state expects to wrap up its case against Kirk Zimmerman on Monday. 

Here are 5 things we learned from this week's testimony in the Kirk Zimmerman murder trial: 

The 79-year-old witness cried as she pointed directly at Zimmerman in the courtroom. “I saw him ... the man sitting over there,” she said.

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  • Kirk Zimmerman’s financial health was deteriorating in November 2014 as he faced another court fight with his former wife over past-due child support, a forensic accountant testified.

Tom Byers, an accountant employed by the FBI, told jurors Zimmerman’s expenses exceeded his income from State Farm two years after his 2012 divorce. At the time of the divorce, the Zimmermans had a combined net worth of about $500,000, according to Byers' analysis. In 2014, Kirk Zimmerman’s net worth was about $109,000, said the report.

  • Judge Scott Drazewski ruled that a test drive conducted by police following the Nov. 3 shooting was inappropriate to show the jury. The videos depict a car similar to Zimmerman's Hyundai Sonata moving from the victim's office at 2103 E. Washington St. to an area on Robinson Street where Pam Zimmerman's phone and wallet were found.

"The re-creation video is out," the judge ruled. 

  • The jury reviewed evidence that may support the state's theory that Zimmerman took steps to hide his activities and communications leading to the shooting. 

Bloomington police Detective Bill Lynn displayed pages of cellphone records showing Zimmerman deleted text messages he exchanged with his former girlfriend between Nov. 2 and Nov. 4. Among the messages were several from Kate Arthur letting Zimmerman know she had attempted to visit him around 6:30 p.m. Nov. 3 but could not reach him at his home or on the phone.

  • First Assistant State's Attorney Brad Rigdon told Drazewski the state expects to wrap up its case Monday with testimony from FBI Agent Greg Catey, who will offer an opinion on where Kirk Zimmerman's car may have traveled Oct. 25 and Nov. 3, based on his analysis of cell tower and GPS information from Zimmerman's car.

The defense will open its case Tuesday with a list of witnesses that includes an expert on cell tower and GPS data and Zimmerman's three children. No indication has been given as to whether Zimmerman will testify.  

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