BLOOMINGTON — For many Bloomington-Normal residents, leaf-raking efforts are already underway.

Leaves should be raked to the curb, but not into the street, for vacuum collection. Leaves in the street may clog storm drains and cause street flooding, according to information from the Ecology Action Center in Normal. 

When leaves are washed into the storm sewer system and carried on to creeks, streams and lakes, the massive amounts of leaves breaking down add nutrients which remove oxygen from the water, suffocating plants and wildlife, the center said.

The center suggests composting leaves or piling them neatly near the curb for collection. For additional information on composting, contact the center at 309-454-3169 or consult ecologyactioncenter.org.

Information on protecting our local watersheds is available at mCLEANwater.org, a clearinghouse of local resources about our water and efforts to better protect it.

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