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PONTIAC — Pontiac Elementary School District 429 should be led by a “high-performing board team,” school board President Stacey Shrewsbury said when outlining her hopes for the board and the district.

Improving communication by reviving the district website and reforming the public-comment policy at meetings are among recent changes.

“We are seven different community members with different perspectives, but we are all here for our children and for the community,” she said of the school board, which seated two new members, John Barnhardt and Tracy Bromley, in April.

Shrewsbury said she wants the board to consider its identity and role in the community and set specific goals over the summer for both itself and the district and review the progress in one year.

Last week, the board agreed to reinstate a district website, which should be in operation for the 2011-12 school year. The website still is in the design phase, but officials intent to provide more information to the public about the district.

The district’s official website was removed last year.

The board also approved a new public comment policy which includes a request for any public questions to be submitted in writing to the board prior to the meeting.

“This will allow staff and board members to research the questions in advance so that we can have better answers prepared,” Superintendent Steve Graham said. “There are times during the public comment period when someone is commenting and they have about 15 questions in that one comment and it is almost impossible to answer.”

The public will still have an opportunity for comment even without the submitted questions, but officials say they may not comment if they have not had time to research the questions.

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