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In tornado's wake: Just in case anyone needs the reminder that all of life can change in about 12 seconds, we direct you to Ann Leach.

A native Twin Citian, community leader and high-profile counselor with Chestnut Health Systems, she moved to Missouri a few years ago to take a bigger job. 

That's where she was Sunday, when all hell convened.

Ann lives in Joplin, Mo.

Her home is just east of that hospital in this week's horrific tornado pictures.

Or it was.

Taking shelter in the bathroom of her duplex, Ann was probably saved when the sheetrock walls collapsed around her, shielding her from flying debris.

Wisely, she took her cellphone into the bathroom, too, and texted back to friends she was uninjured but that her phone was "dying."

Unfortunately, she didn't have time to also grab the charger.

We should add that in Joplin, Ann is a grief counselor.

She'll be busy there for the next few weeks. Or years.

Today's deep thought

As mulled by Bill Kauzlarich, of Farmington:

"Is it time for a movie sequel -- "True Lies, Part II ... the Arnold Schwarzenegger Story?"

Thanks, but ...: As owner of Solid Gold Jewelry, a cornerstone in uptown Normal, Gerry Taylor has heard many offers for the trading out of products and over the years has bartered for things like oil changes, root canals, haircuts and dental crowns.

Other day, he heard perhaps his most unusual request yet.

Interested in a gold chain, a female customer asked if he ever traded products and then asked, "Do you need a colonoscopy?"

Says Taylor, "I sort of clinched my teeth and said, ‘Uh, I don't think so.'"

He adds, "I don't know if I looked as if I needed a colonoscopy. I also don't know how or where it would have taken place. Did she have a mobile unit out in her car?"

This time, says Gerry, he asked for cash.

Enraptured they weren't: David Fry is a Twin Citian, an ex-Californian employed by State Farm Insurance Cos. who was home alone Saturday, the day of the alleged Rapture, as his wife and daughters were on their way to Minnesota for a wedding.

That's when, for a laugh, after the time of the alleged Rapture had passed, he texted his wife, Marcy: "Still here. Either Rapture did not happen or I did not make the cut. Please text back to confirm you're still here, too."

It took Marcy a half hour to respond. When she did respond, it was one word: "Sinner."

The times are a-changin': As Illinois next week begins a new era with same-sex civil unions, one place certain to feel that impact is court houses.

At the McLean County Law & Justice Center, as an example, judges on Fridays have for years performed weddings. Now they will perform same-sex ceremonies, too.

Still to be seen: If that means that in the next few weeks two or three of the same-sexed will step forward ... or 200 or 300?

Knock, knock ... who's there ... CNBC: You apparently also don't get as much sleep once elected state treasurer of Illinois.

Camped out in front of Illinois Treasurer Dan Rutherford's home at 4:30 a.m. Monday -- a satellite truck and crew from CNBC's "Squawk Box," waiting to interview him after his announcement Sunday that Illinois is on "the verge of a financial disaster."

By 6:30 a.m., even looking quasi-awake and chipper, there was Rutherford on national TV, doing an interview from his rural Chenoa living room.

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