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Jeff and Trish Geiler Barr, $100; in memory of Marshall and Iris Geiler, lifelong Pantagraphers

Jean and Dennis Lawyer, $100; in honor of Woody Shadid's birthday

Jeff and Janet Solberg, $250

Jean Girardi, $50

Carol Pillow, $50; in loving memory of Bill, Leigh and Barbara Pillow and Wendell and Ruth Coleman

Karen Funk, $25

Tom and Emily Barr, $100; in loving memory of Nancy and Bruce Petersen 

Dave Hiltabrand, $50; in memory of Dr. Gary Johnson, DDS

Mike and Lesa Hundman, $100

Norman and Susan Carlson, $100; in memory of Charles and Sophie Goodmann and in honor of Ethel Slagell

Paul Lawrence and Helen Ogar, $100

Bill Sergeant, $100; in memory of Benjamin. We love you and miss you dearly

Bob Holliday, $25; in memory of Kathy Brown

John and Dee Carlton, $100

Anonymous, $25

A friend, $20

The Fields' family, $65; thanks for caring

Jerry and Suzie Kukuck, $20; rejoice in the miracle of Christmas

Jim and Sharon Jaeger, $75; in memory of our parents

Today: $1,355

To date: $29,201.25

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