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Jody and Sam Linton, $100; in memory of our parents and Christmases of long ago

Anonymous, $50

Susan and Peter Hood, $100

Rob and Lisa Bean, $100

In memory of Burdell Crow, $20

Anonymous, $25

In lieu of co-worker gift-giving, we pledge our support; $50

In honor of a very special friend and neighbor in Gridley, Mary Ferguson; $25

The Behl family, $75; in honor of those who work so hard to keep our community healthy and safe

In memory of Joey Lawless, $35; from Mom, daughter Emma and Grandma and Grandpa Lawless. We miss you so much

Mike and Carole Dolan, $250; in memory of our Freds and Bill

The Philip Edwards family, $50; in memory of Thomas. We miss you

In memory of Spencer Kirwan, $25; Mom and Dad miss you so much

Anonymous, $100

Pat Frye and family, in memory of Dave; $20; We miss you

In honor of Terry and Evonne; $50

Today: $1,075

To date: $48,798.67

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