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BLOOMINGTON -- After less than 20 minutes of discussion Tuesday, the Bloomington Liquor Commission gave its third recommendation that Tailwind receive a liquor license to serve alcohol at its location at Central Illinois Regional Airport.

This time, the license recommendation includes The Hangar. Tailwind is purchasing The Hangar from owners Tim Davis and Tom Hubbard.

Previously, the City Council voted against issuing the license because they did not believe there is a need for two liquor licenses at the airport. The Hangar is before the security checkpoint and Tailwind is in the secured or airside of the airport.

Davis and Hubbard's attorney Bill Mueller was asked multiple times by city liquor commissioners if Davis and Hubbard now support Tailwind receiving a license that includes both restaurant spaces. The sale of The Hangar to Tailwind is contingent on Tailwind receiving a license.

"Wholeheartedly," Mueller replied at one point.

Davis and Hubbard approached the North Carolina-based Tailwind about buying The Hangar last month.

Jess Backhaus, director of operations for Tailwind, said they will make some minor modifications to the look of The Hangar space but its operations as a restaurant will remain essentially unchanged.

The Tailwind application goes to the City Council June 13.

New bar at Slick Rick's

In an unrelated matter, several neighbors of the former Slick Rick's Motor Saloon, 907 E. Oakland Ave., told the liquor commission they were not opposed to a new bar opening in the location as long as the drunken and disorderly conduct, including fighting, vandalism and drug dealing, were not tolerated by the new owners.

Steve and LouAnn Devine want to open the bar as Sidetracked Sports Bar. The bar would include packaged liquor sales as did the former Slick Rick's, which closed in October.

Steve Devine said he previously managed Slick Rick's and he wants to end the bar's reputation as a hangout for bikers. He wants to make the new Sidetracked to be a neighborhood bar.

The commission will reconvene its hearing on the Sidetracked to 4 p.m. May 24 at City Hall to further discuss an agreement between the Devines and the neighbors on acceptable operations for the bar.

Neighbor William Stark said he would not oppose the bar if it had neighborhood bar restrictions, such as early closing hours and limits on live music, similar to those applied to the Western Tap, 1301 N. Western Ave.

Neighborhood association President Marie Winquist presented the commission a list of concerns, including upkeep on the property's appearance, parking and a change in clientele. If the new owners address those issues, she would be OK with a bar returning to the building, she said.


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