BLOOMINGTON — Extensive repair work on five blocks of streets in downtown Bloomington will begin Monday and may not be complete until mid-May.

The three streets being repaved are Front Street from Madison to East streets; Center Street from Washington to Front streets; and Main Street from Washington to Front streets, according to a Bloomington Public Works Department construction notice.

"Ideally, we could get it all done in three weeks, but we're saying mid-May just in case things don't work out as planned," City Engineer Kevin Kothe said Friday.

"Part of it just depends on the weather and complications they (work crews) run into," he added. "We're trying to make sure we give ourselves plenty of time in case there is something, for whatever reason, that delays things."

Because of the work being done on Front, the Connect Transit transfer station in front of the McLean County Law and Justice Center will move temporarily, beginning April 8, to Roosevelt Avenue between Washington and Jefferson streets and Jefferson between Madison Street and Roosevelt.

Connect Transit officials could not be reached Friday for further comment.

"The work that starts Monday may just be setting up barricades and making some simple adjustments to manhole covers, water valves and things like that," said Kothe. "The real work, in terms of milling the streets, won't start until April 8."

"Plus, it will create a nice area where there can be landscaping to give a little softer view instead of just asphalt everywhere," Kothe added.

On-street parking and driving on the streets will be restricted at various times during the work project.  

"When they are doing the manhole and valve adjustments next week they may have to remove a parking spot here or there, but most of the parking will still be there,"said Kothe.

"When milling begins the week of April 8 there will be whole blocks with no parking and closed as they work through those blocks. That will be the same case when they put the final layer of asphalt paving on," he added. "They will try to keep businesses accessible the best that they can."

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