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100 years ago

Jan. 31, 1915: Dr. Reinhard Rembe, formerly of Bloomington, is now a physician in the German army. The Kaiser has decorated him with the Iron Cross, Germany’s highest honor. He tells the whole story in a letter to Dr. F.O. Jackman of 507 W. Locust St.

75 years ago

Jan. 31, 1940: Bloomington schools are spending much less on students than other cities the same size. Moline tops the state in high school and elementary school spending. Alton and Granite City are lowest. Bloomington spends about 2/3 what Moline does.

50 years ago

Jan. 31, 1965: Bloomington Mayor Robert McGraw is running for a third term. He advertises that his platform is his record, and advises to let his record speak for itself. When he was first elected in 1957, he was in the dry cleaning business.

25 years ago

Jan. 31, 1990: James Wheelock said drivers of big trucks don’t need seat belts but he buckled up anyway. Then a train hit him at Route 150 near Hamilton Road. Wheelock escaped with a sore shoulder and a cut. His truck was a mess: on its side and out of action.

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Compiled by Jack Keefe;