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100 years ago

Jan. 20, 1915: Word is just getting back here that Mr. and Mrs. Major Bice were found dead in their home near Long Beach, Calif., two weeks ago. They apparently died of asphyxiation. The former Bloomington residents had only recently moved into a new house.

75 years ago

Jan. 20, 1940: Fire destroyed the Henry Geske home near LeRoy. Mrs. Geske and two of their children escaped with their lives, some bed clothes and a washing machine. The day before, fire leveled the Scott Mears home and garage in Chenoa. He was hurt trying to save his car.

50 years ago

Jan. 20, 1965: President Lyndon Johnson was sworn in to his own four-year term today. He had been serving out the unexpired term of President Kennedy, during which LBJ defeated Barry Goldwater for the next term in November. A crowd of 10,000 saw him take the oath of office.

25 years ago

Jan. 20, 1990: DeKalb-Pfizer genetics plans to open a soybean research facility just west of Bloomington before next year’s planting season. Also, Ciba-Geigy Seed Division will begin research at its lab facility on West Washington Street.

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