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Quentin Getty, 22, was charged with animal torture, burglary and theft stemming from a March 2, 2013, incident on a Lexington hog farm. Police believe Getty shot a pig with a crossbow before slitting its throat and loading it into a car. Getty also allegedly killed a second pig. Getty pleaded guilty in August 2013 to home invasion, burglary and theft charges in a plea deal that dismissed animal torture charges related to the slaughter of two pigs. He was sentenced Friday, Jan. 25, 2014, to 15 years in prison.

(McLean County jail photo)

BLOOMINGTON — A 22-year-old Colfax man was sentenced to 15 years in prison Friday in connection with a home invasion and burglary that included the slaughter of two pigs.

Among the evidence cited by prosecutors in support of their request for a 35-year sentence for Quentin Getty was a video showing Getty beating two small animals with a shovel. Assistant State’s Attorney Kevin Sanborn pointed out that Getty is no stranger to the criminal justice system, noting that his substantial record dates back to 2007, with some of it involving animal torture.

“He’s a hunter. He’s a predator. He preys upon the weakest,” said Sanborn.

Getty was charged with trapping animals without a license in 2007, and that was followed by 23 offenses ranging from misdemeanors to eight felony cases. In 2010, he was placed on probation for injuring a cow and two years later, he was accused of stealing two pigs from an area farmer and slaughtering them.

In 2013, Getty was charged with child pornography and sexual abuse of a minor girl, and those cases are still pending. McLean County sheriff’s Detective Tim Tyler testified at an earlier proceeding that the illegal photographs were found on Getty’s phone.

Before asking for a six-year sentence, defense lawyer Brendan Bukalski called several witnesses who talked about Getty’s abusive relationship with his father and a traumatic loss of a friend in 2008 that they said put his life on a destructive path with alcohol and drug abuse.

Getty’s father, Lane Getty, denied being an alcoholic but admitted he has blacked out from drinking. Describing his son as “as a good kid,” the father said he taught his son to trap animals at a young age.

The defendant’s childhood friend Emery Bradford of Colfax offered a different picture of Quentin Getty’s childhood, saying his friend tried hard to please Lane Getty despite frequent, demeaning remarks from the father. Bradford also said he believed Quentin Getty understands his mistakes.

“For the first time in my life I can finally say Quentin Getty is sorry,” he said.

In his statement to Freitag, Quentin Getty said his 11 months in jail represents his longest period of sobriety in five years. Calling his arrest a blessing that halted his alcohol and substance abuse, he said, “I’m more scared to go home today than go to the Department of Corrections.”

Freitag told Quentin Getty that while his record made the minimum sentence of six years on home invasion impossible, the unfortunate circumstances of his childhood made the maximum of 30 years equally inappropriate.

“Despite the raw deal you were dealt as a child and the watershed event of the death of your friend, it’s not too late, it’s never too late for you to change direction,” the judge told Quentin Getty in sentencing him to nine years for home invasion and an additional six years for burglary. A five-year term for theft is concurrent to the other terms.

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