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MINONK — The Minonk City Council has honored the woman who has helped bring fireworks and other Fourth of July events to Minonk for years, and learned another committee leader is resigning.

Cathy McKay is retiring after spending 11 years as chairwoman of the Fourth of July Committee and helping with the parade since 1995.

“Cathy worked tirelessly to get things accomplished,” Mayor Bill Koos said. “She made things happen when people didn’t think things were going to happen.”

Koos also said parade and events have been built up under McKay’s leadership.

“It takes quite the person to be able to run an all-volunteer organization like the Fourth of July committee,” Koos said, presenting her with a plaque.

A teary-eyed McKay said that she couldn’t have done it all alone and she wouldn’t have wanted to.

“Thanks to all of you,” she said.

Koos said Jack Jochums is resigning as chairman of Parade of Lights after 27 years of service.

“He did just an outstanding job,” Koos said.

Jochums will talk to anyone who wants to take over the parade. If you’re interested, contact Jochums or the Minonk Business Association.


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