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June and family, $200; in memory of our deceased loved ones

L. Lance and Sharon J. McCormick, $50; Merry Christmas

Larry and Faith Meyer, $100 

Anonymous, $30 

Russell and Mary Beth Thomas, $100; in memory of Russ and Evelyne Thomas, Geo. and Betty Bolen and Tommy Safranske

Bill and Sharon Phelan, $50; in loving memory of our son Nicholas

In memory of Larry McMahon; $25 

Joe and Lois Morrow, $100 

Anonymous, $50; Merry Christmas

Greg and Carolyn Poling, $50; in loving memory of Harry Poling

Joseph Culpepper, $50; in honor of Centennial Christian Church

Merry Christmas! George and Twila; $25 

In memory of our parents, Roy Abel Jr. and Bob and Selma Fenton, uncle, Lester H. Abel; $50 

George and Leslie Nickum, $50; in memory of our parents

Jane Magee and family, $25; in memory of Terry Magee

In memory of Alice and Clifford Naugle; $100 

Today: $1,055

To date: $33,363

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