Try 1 month for $5

Jeff and Gretchen Furler, $100

Marilyn Myers, $50 

M. Pepple, $100 

James Komnick, $25 

Anonymous, $100; in memory of my parents who always supported the Goodfellow Fund

Alan Chapman, $100 

Jack and Sue Kohl, $75 

Harold Bledsoe, $100; Merry Christmas, Mom and Pop, you still make the holiday bright and cherry!

Dan and Vicky Pletsch family, $50; Merry Christmas to all!

Mike and Kris Zimmerman, $100; in honor of our grandson, Theodore Joshua

Anonymous, $100; in memory of loved ones

Anonymous, $20 

Sally and Ed Rust, $5,000 

Steve and Vickie Kuhn, $50 

Anonymous, $50; let there be peace on earth

Al and Mary Beth Slagel, $50 

I.M. Gannon, $100 

Loren "Shoey" Shoemaker and Shirley Shoemaker, $50 

John and Deb Kaisner, $35 

Ed and Thelma Harms, $50; in memory of Michael

Today: $6,305

To date: $29,763

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