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Ron and Barb Parido, $50; in loving memory of our son, Mike Parido

John Carlton, $100; in memory of Dee

Steve and Deb Wannemacher, $250 

Lynda Lane, $50; in memory of Lori and Ed Lane, Esther and Alfred Lane

Barbara Starcevic, $50; in memory of Lou Starcevic and Marguerite Zook

Ellyn and Dennis Sorensen, $40 

Anonymous, $50; in memory of all our family Christmas times

Tom Burris, $100; in loving memory of my wife, Jackie Burris, love and miss you

Anonymous, $25; in memory of all our family Christmas times

Joan Mowrey, $50; in memory of Jack Mowrey

Anonymous, $30; with appreciation for the fine, not fake, Pantagraph news reporting

Brad and Sue Albright, $200; in memory of our parents, Dr. B.E. and Betty Albright and Ted and Georgia Schwandt

Jane Link, $100 

in memory of Art; $50 

Gene and Nancy Williams, $100; in memory of brother, Don Whitwood

Larry and Jane Phillips, $100; in honor of caring and loving family and friends

Trent and Beverly Keller, $100; in memory of Don and Ruth McCormick and Richard and Dorthy Keller, our parents

Today: $1,445

To date: $32,308

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