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BLOOMINGTON - There's a long history of military service in Staff Sgt. Brett Scott's family.

Scott's father was in the Navy during Vietnam. His grandfather served in World War II and great-grandfathers in World War I.

Scott, 31, who joined the active-duty Army in 1992, now is a National Guard recruiter in Bloomington.

"Being a recruiter is a very challenging job," Scott said. He noted it's more difficult at a time when National Guard troops spend time overseas in the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

What attracts people to serve in the National Guard?

The National Guard is a part-time service and part of the attraction is serving with your neighbors from Central Illinois. We also offer 100 percent college tuition.

What is the main mission of the National Guard?

Our main mission is disaster relief and riot control. Every state sent guardsmen to Louisiana for hurricane relief. The National Guard makes up about 20 percent of the troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

How long have you been a National Guard recruiter, and why did you become one?

I've been a recruiter for about seven months. We're going through some very challenging times and I thought I could contribute. I'll have been in the military 14 years in June, and I love what I do.

Where are you from and where did you go to college?

I'm a native of the Moline area. I joined the Army three days after high school graduation. I was not ready to go to college right then. I graduated from (Illinois State University) in 2003 and majored in parks and recreation. I wanted to be a park ranger, but they had a hiring freeze.

Do you have any hobbies that you're passionate about?

I like the outdoors, but my biggest passion is sports. I'm a (Chicago) Cubs and (Chicago) Bears fan. I usually go to 10 Cubs games a year and two or three Bears games.


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