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PONTIAC - Residents will have to wait for a final decision on the use of new garbage cans in Pontiac.

A Pontiac City Council committee will further research garbage collection in the coming weeks in an effort to eliminate some problems that concern Mayor Scott McCoy.

McCoy presented two garbage-related proposals to the council and about 40 people who attended the council meeting Monday. He previously said the city looks unsightly on garbage-collection days, and he had two ideas for improvements.

In one, he proposed allowing residents to rent garbage cans from the city's waste hauler, Allied Waste. In another proposal, he suggested going to weekly bulk trash pickup.

McCoy pushed the garbage debate to the center of the community's attention last month.

Several members of the council said McCoy could have averted much of the controversy if he taken his idea to a council committee before going to the public. Many council members received calls and complaints.

"This should have come to the council prior to a public release," said Alderman John McGlasson. "And it should have been clear that this was the mayor's idea, not ours."

McCoy said going public was keeping with a campaign promise to keep the public informed. He believed part of the uproar from the community was caused by misinformation and rumors.

McCoy said none of his proposed programs would be mandatory.

McCoy said the cans, which are hard plastic and hold about 68 gallons, could be rented by homeowners for a $2.50 monthly fee in addition to the regular garbage fee of about $10. He said a 30-day free trial is an option, allowing residents to try the cans for a month without paying.

McCoy said an enhanced bulk pickup would be handled with normal garbage collection.

McCoy said he monitored garbage collection over a few weeks. He said he took over 300 photographs of what he saw, and showed several during the meeting.


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