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LEROY - The Internal Revenue Service is scaling back its longstanding practice of having tax forms available at local libraries, banks and post offices.

In a form letter sent to several local agencies, including LeRoy's J.T. & E.J. Crumbaugh Library, the IRS said it would "no longer provide bulk supplies of tax forms and instructions" to the library. The tax agency said the increase in electronic filing has reduced the demand for paper documents.

In Bloomington-Normal, however, the federal forms still will be available at libraries and post offices, but not in the same quantities as in the past.

Normal Public Library reference librarian Lynn Freymann said the librarian already received "boxes and boxes" of forms from the IRS, adding they will be available to the public by mid-January. She admits the increasing use of Internet-based filing has cut back on those using paper forms, but there still is a demand for them.

"People still use them, especially close to the deadline," she said.

Freymann added the library could download and print any IRS documents that are not available in the building.

Tax documents are available online at

State tax forms still will be available at many area libraries, post offices, and banks.

Crumbaugh librarian Denise Cox said that while she didn't notice "heavy traffic" for paper tax forms last year, but she did need more than she had on hand.

"I did have to reorder some," she said.

She plans on picking up forms on her own to have available at the LeRoy library.

LeRoy Postmaster Dave Donnelly said his office received the same IRS letter, but upon clarification he found "we are going to have less forms, but we will get some forms."

He was not sure which federal forms would be available this tax season.


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