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Abortion is Public Enemy Number 1. This legal, yet evil, practice is solely responsible for nearly 50 million deaths in the United States to date. Worldwide, abortions account for nearly 50 million deaths every year.

In fact, abortion far outdistances communism - 100 million deaths; Nazism - 12 million deaths; and radical Islam - 5 million since 1971 - as a cause of intentional, unnatural, inflicted death.

Unfortunately, abortion has not been retired to history books as some of these other forces of evil have been.

In the United States, 3,000 abortions take place every day. Our laws protect this abominable practice and our tax dollars underwrite organizations such as Planned Parenthood - $254.4 million annually - that perform them.

Abortion doesn't end in the womb. It has had devastating ramifications on the children who survive the nine months in the womb.

Today, child abuse and child murder are both at an all-time high. The cheapening of vulnerable, innocent life by abortion is largely responsible.

Do not believe the lie that "abortion is the safest medical procedure in the world." Abortion has spiritual, emotional and physical consequences.

Abortion increases the risk of breast cancer and gives rise to depression, substance abuse, and suicide - i.e. Post Abortion Stress Syndrome.

The fact that abortion remains a legal and socially acceptable option gives reluctant would-be fathers the option to insist that their wives and girlfriends abort their children - or else. As a result, abortion is responsible for making murder the leading cause of death among pregnant women.

Given these facts, it is not a stretch to point to abortion as one of the culprits largely responsible for the breakdown of relationships, marriages and families.

Abortion promised to liberate women, but, instead, it has broken millions of women and destroyed countless families. Speak up, vote and pray to end abortion.

Sue Martensen



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